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Glee's Best Episode Ever! High Marks All Around For ‘The Break-Up’

Glee's Best Episode Ever! High Marks All Around For ‘The Break-Up’
Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Naya Rivera, Darren Criss & Chris Colfer in 'Glee'
Was 'The Break-Up' the best episode of 'Glee' ever?

Gleeks everywhere had their hearts broken during the October 4th episode “The Break-Up.” Sneaky creator Ryan Murphy didn’t just end one Glee relationship, he ended them all! Finn couldn’t handle that Rachel kissed Brody; Blaine cheated on Kurt with some hussy named Eli; Will didn’t consider Emma’s feelings about uprooting their lives, Jake dumped Kitty for being mean to Marley, and Santana and Brittany accepted their long distance relationship isn't working out. What worked, what didn’t? Here’s how “The Break-Up” scored on’s Glee Report Card.

Cassandra July (Kate Hudson): There was enough drama without Cassandra's insults adding injury.

Isabelle Wright (Sarah Jessica Parker): Kurt was heartbroken at Vogue, but his friend and mentor Isabelle wasn’t around to offer a shoulder to cry on.

Best Number: Too close to call; tie for the tear-inducing “The Scientist” and the angry “Don’t Speak.”

Best Line: “Long distance relationships are almost impossible to maintain because both people are rarely getting what they need, especially at our age.” — Santana breaking up with Brittany

Scariest Ex: “I’m like a bad Carrie Underwood song once I get going.” —Kitty after Jake breaks up with her

Most Passive Aggressive Compliment: “You and your friend sound great together.” —Finn after hearing Rachel and Brody sing

Scene with the Most Heart: Rachel and Finn’s final break-up in the auditorium left us in tears. Rachel’s speech was both beautiful and mature

Most Mature Response: Kurt walked from Blaine after getting his heart broken. Walking away from that face? That's maturity!

Most Improved: Glee! This episode looked like a beautifully shot adult drama that happened to have songs. Thumbs up for the college edition!

Relationship of the Week: With so much turmoil, Marley and Jake are the only beacon of hope. Runner-up: Santana and Brittany.

Star of the Episode: Lea Michele as Rachel Berry. Lea has never sounded or looked better. And that teary break-up speech—we’re still dabbing at our eyes.

Finn seems much more qualified for other jobs in the Big Apple, so he should aim a little higher than “running a hot dog cart outside Madison Square Garden.”

If you believe Kitty’s interpretation of The Book of Revelations, "Twitter, porn and MSNBC" are just three red flags that the apocalypse is near.

We are considering expulsion for Blaine: cheating, sexting, not ending his affair. Teenage dream? More like teenage nightmare.

We loved the subtle Spring Awakening reference of The Left Behind Club.


Check out Rachel, Finn, Kurt and Blaine's quartet cover of No Doubt's "Don't Speak."

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