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Mary Poppins - Broadway

Mary Poppins Star Steffanie Leigh and Garett Hawe of Newsies Share a Practically Perfect Friendship

Mary Poppins Star Steffanie Leigh and Garett Hawe of Newsies Share a Practically Perfect Friendship
Steffanie Leigh & Garett Hawe

Steffanie Leigh and Garett Hawe have the mouse to thank for their BFF status. The two met while on tour with Disney’s popular family musical Mary Poppins. Now Leigh is starring in the Broadway production as the iconic British nanny, while Hawe has moved one block south to Disney’s hot new musical Newsies. The actors invited’s Jenny Anderson to join them on the Bryant Park merry-go-round, dancing in the street and shopping for fall foods. Scroll down to read their heartfelt answers and to check out the pair's beautiful photos (which look like they belong in the Ralph Lauren fall catalogue, right?). To see even more of this adorable duo check out Mary Poppins and Newsies on Broadway.

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How and when did you meet your BFF?
Steffanie: When I joined the Mary Poppins tour.
Garett: We met while on tour with Mary Poppins. She joined the tour in Tampa.

What was your first impression of each other?
Steffanie: My first impression was seeing him perform Neleus in Poppins, and I thought, "This guy is extremely talented." Then, I met him and I thought, "I need to be friends with this guy–we are going to have a lot of fun together."
Garett: I thought she was gorgeous and charismatic. When she walks into a room, your focus is drawn to her.

When was the moment you knew it was BFF material?
Steffanie: When he taped an audition for me that took at least three hours because I kept messing up the lines, and instead of getting annoyed, we just laughed and made a blooper reel.
Garett: I’m not sure of the exact moment, but I think it was when I found out we both shared an obsession with the Anne of Green Gables movies. I knew she was a “kindred spirit” for sure!

Name three adjectives to describe your BFF.
Steffanie: Accepting. Fun. Magnetic.
Garett: Vivacious. Radiant. Funny.

What do you call each other?
Steffanie: Gorg!
Garett: “Hey, gorg!”

If you formed a band together, what would its name be?
Steffanie: The Nervies.
Garett: New Kids on the Guac…..because we love guac!

What’s the best gift your BFF ever got you?
Steffanie: After he had seen me in an understudy rehearsal for Mary, he told me that night on our walk home that I was going to play the role on Broadway. That was the best gift ever, his belief in me.
Garett: For my last show of Mary Poppins, she got me a copy of the original movie script of Newsies, signed by the entire cast!

What should the title of your BFF’s memoir be?
Steffanie: Going For It!
Garett: From Real Life Nanny to Broadway’s Most Famous Nanny: The Story of Steffanie Leigh. She actually was a nanny before she booked Mary Poppins!

If you could be in any show together what would it be?
Steffanie: A new musical based on Hansel and Gretel, with the power ballad duet “Breadcrumbs” at the end of the first act.
Garett: Seymour and Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors! Duh!

What annoying habits do you find adorable in your BFF?
Steffanie: For such graceful dancer, he trips all the time!
Garett: She always eats our favorite layer (the cilantro) from Trader Joe’s Three Layer Hummus before I can get to it!

What trait do you admire most about each other?
Steffanie: Everyone around Garett falls in love with him because is so completely open. With Garett, what you see is what you get. And what you get is wonderful.
Garett: Even though she has such an obvious star quality, she is extremely humble and down to earth. She’s never a diva.

Who is your friend’s celebrity equivalent and why?
Steffanie: Tintin. Am I right?
Garett: There’s really no one to compare her to; she is her own celebrity.

What about your BFF makes you jealous?
Steffanie: The way he can make any catch phrase popular.
Garett: Her Britney Spears impression.

I can always count on my BFF to….
Steffanie: wear something fashionable, back up my Britney, quote Anne of Green Gables, make me feel better, walk me home and make me laugh.
Garett: To support me, listen to me, laugh with me and to give me a ride home in her town car ;)


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