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David Beckham Outspices Posh, Lea Michele's Proud of Her Pair and More Lessons of the Week

David Beckham Outspices Posh, Lea Michele's Proud of Her Pair and More Lessons of the Week
David Beckham, Kristin Chenoweth & Lea Michele's boobs made headlines this week.

You’re never too old to learn something new, and that’s most definitely the case this week, as we found out a ton of surprising new life lessons over these past seven days. We learned that David Beckham can pull focus from his seat, Yvonne Strahovski is the ultimate Australian, Tom Hanks is going to revisit an old buddy and more! Read on to see what else we’ve gleaned from the last seven days on Broadway.

David Beckham Spiced Up Everyone’s Life on Opening Night
Nobody is immune to the borderline-unfair good looks of David Beckham—including the cast of Viva Forever!, the Spice Girls-flavored West End musical that Beckham attended last week (his wife is former Posh Spice-turned-thin-as-a-stick-of-gum-fashion-mogul-or-something Victoria Beckham). We learned that the soccer—sorry, football!—presence in the theater was enough to make some cast members peek through the curtain and tremble in their dance belts, with one performer even admitting she almost forgot her lines. Guess that means Beckham should have his own spicy nickname (or musical). How about Distracting Spice? We’d also accept Tattoo Spice, Sixpack Spice and Why-Is-Your-Shirt-Still-On Spice.

Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe Just Can’t Stop Sing-Fighting
You’d think that after months of promoting Les Miserables, Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe would want Les Time Off, but the duo demonstrated that they just can’t help facing off vocally when they’re in the same city. Jackman stopped by Crowe’s Joe’s Pub concert, where they went tête-a-tête in “The Confrontation.” Kudos to both men for showing us that no matter what you’re arguing about, you’re better off doing it in full voice with a backup band. Then again, maybe Javert and Valjean would be better friends if they just stopped interrupting each other all the damn time.

Yvonne Strahovski Is Every Australian Stereotype Ever
If you ever thought all that talk about koalas and kangaroos was a misguided stereotype about Australians, then meet Yvonne Strahovski, who proved to us that, yes, all Australians really are like Crocodile Dundee. “I miss being in the Australian outdoors and the smell of the eucalyptus trees,” said Strahovski, adding that she also loves “going into the bush with a backpack and some food, enjoying the wildlife.” Funny, that’s exactly what we do when we go to Brooklyn. Beware, Yvonne: don’t feed the hipsters.

Someone Spiked the Water on American Idol Season Four
Carrie Underwood in The Sound of Music!? Bo Bice in Pump Boys and Dinettes!? The fourth season of American Idol was possibly the most musical theater-minded ever, since alum after alum jumped onto the stage. (Other season four vets to grace the stage include Tony nominee Constantine Maroulis and Anthony Federov.) We only hope that other alums catch the theater bug, too. Well, maybe. We’re still recovering from that whole Taylor Hicks thing.

Da’Vine Joy Randolph Wants to Get Carnal with Cooking
Da’Vine Joy Randolph has a rising career on the New York stage, but the Tony nominee revealed to us that her surprising hidden desire is to someday have a TV cooking show. “To me, making food is one of the most intimate things,” said the former Ghost diva, which begs the question: does Ms. Randolph get kinky in the kitchen? If so, we’d love to suggest some titles for her sexy new cooking show. We’re thinking Tomatoes on Da’Vine, Gazpacho, You in Blender, Girl! or simply Roast the Musical.

Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari Are Broadway’s Sweetest Love Story
Thirty years after they padded up for Bosom Buddies, former sitcom stars Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari went their separate ways: Scolari went on to have a successful stage and screen career, while Hanks went on to become, well, Tom Hanks. The news that the duo would reunite once again on Broadway in Nora Ephron’s Lucky Guy is easily the most delightful Hanukkah surprise we’ve gotten so far. We’re looking forward to seeing them on Tony night, where the question lingers: will they go with stilettos or wedges?

Sutton Foster Keeps It All in the Family
“Hey bro. Want to be on my TV show?” We imagine that’s how the call went down when Hunter Foster found out that he would be playing onscreen brother to his real-life little sis Sutton on her ABC Family comedy Bunheads. Since Hunt and Suts are taking their sibling act to the small screen, we wonder if the title of Most Adorable Broadway Brother-Sister Pair is once again at stake. Between the Osmonds, Astaires, Fondas, Gyllenhaals, LuPones (stay with us) and Keenan-Bolgers, perhaps the title is best left to be decided by a Broadway-style Hunger Games: Sibling Edition. Let the family feud begin!

Kristin Chenoweth Does an Eerily Accurate Honey Boo Boo
Kristin Chenoweth has played an elementary school kid before (the homework-phobic Sally in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown), but there was something unnerving about the ease with which Cheno channeled another obnoxious youngster, Honey Boo Boo, at the American Country Awards. KC went full train-wreck when she transformed herself into the sluggish six-year-old with uncanny accuracy. We’re just crossing our fingers that the stint was a one-time thing and not a hint at her new Broadway play, Bring in ‘da Honey, Bring in ‘da Boo Boo.

Cameron Mackintosh Is On a Mega Nostalgia Trip
Uber-producer Cameron Mackintosh recently announced that he would not only be reviving Miss Saigon in the West End, but that he would make a Miss Saigon movie should the Les Miz movie be successful. Since Les Miz seems poised to rake in the Euros, we’re assuming that Mackintosh won’t just stop there. We expect to see him revisit his former glory with a movie version of Cats. We can't wait for Anne Hathaway to go to the Heaviside Layer!

Lea Michele Has Some Perky Prize-Winners
Thank heavens for Lea Michele, who surprised us twice this week: first, with the revelation that she is not, in fact, a diva (who knew?!), and second, with the candid confession that she thinks her boobs are her besties. “These babies are great. They are my prize-winners,” said Michele, referring to her breasts, which we’ve taken the liberty of naming Wendla and Shprintze. No one is shocked Michele is gabbing about her gal pals, but we are a little surprised that they are prize-winning. After all, we thought she shared the Audience Choice Award for Favorite Onstage Pair with Jonathan Groff. Huh!

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