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Smash Dress Rehearsal: 10 Burning Questions for the Season Premiere

Smash Dress Rehearsal: 10 Burning Questions for the Season Premiere
The cast of 'Smash'
Tune in on February 5 for the season two premiere of 'Smash.'

The season two premiere of Smash is finally here! Fans have been patiently waiting for the return of television’s wacky, wild, wonderful ode to musical theater. Plenty of plot developments are in store for the February 5 two-hour season opener, but we can't wait another minute to find out what happens to the folks behind Bombshell. As the season unfolds, we’ve got a whole list of questions about our favorite characters on the glitzy Broadway dramedy!

1. Between Julia’s baby drama and baby daddy drama and sleeping-with-someone-who’s-not-baby-daddy drama, will she ever actually get back to work?

2. Will Derek—whose womanizing is about as omnipresent as his black V-necks—find something else to keep him busy instead of the shelved Bombshell?

3. How many Manhattans will Eileen throw in Jerry's face? And will she ever throw the glass?

4. Who’s Marilyn?

5. Will people stop asking who Marilyn is?

6. Will Tom finally commit to Sam, the cliche-busting chorus boy who loves sports?

7. Does Ivy’s suicide scare mark the official end of her drunk Times Square halo-wearing-sing-alongs? (Please say no!)

8. How many times in the season premiere will Karen give Ivy a bitchy look?* 

9. Will Julia’s son Leo suddenly develop a personality?

10. When will Jeremy Jordan's character take his shirt off, and if he doesn't, why won't Jeremy Jordan take his shirt off?

Also, tune in to Smash tonight to see this week's Broadway star cameos from Tony nominee Brenda Braxton, Annie's Brynn O’Malley, Mara Davi, four-time Tony winner Harvey Fierstein, Kinky BootsAnnaleigh Ashford and Tony nominee Margo Martindale!

* Spoiler alert: it's five.

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