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Snap! Glee Divas Face-Off; Who Reigns Supreme?

Snap! Glee Divas Face-Off; Who Reigns Supreme?
Jenna Ushkowitz, Heather Morris & Alex Newell in 'Glee'
Did 'Diva' make the grade this week?

Glee celebrated divas on February 7 and lucky for us, the show has plenty to go around. In the episode titled “Diva,” Kurt challenges Rachel to a sing-off and wins, the New Directions kids work to find their next big star, and Santana drops by in hopes of winning back Brittany. What worked, what didn’t? Here’s how “Diva” scored on’s Glee Report Card.

Best Number: The episode kicked off with the best number, “Diva” featuring the ladies of New Directions, as well as Unique and Blaine. The sass and couture were killing us! Not since the Gaga episode has Glee been so glamorous.

Best Line: “Diva is a fierce often temperamental singer who comes correct. She is not a trick-ass ho and she does not sweat da haterz.” —Emma defining the word

Biggest Diva: We get that Tina really came into her own, but the true diva of the episode was Ms. Unique. No one walks a runway like this glamour puss…and in fur? Diva, please!

Best Diva Commandment: “Divas do not call ex-boyfriends.” —Tina

Relationship of the Week: It’s hard to give up hope on Santana and Brittany, but at least this episode gave them some closure worthy of their long and complicated relationship.

Biggest Really Moment: There was so many WTF moments during the "Midnight Madness" sing-off (a full orchestra, the animated approval), but the biggest “only-on-Glee moment” was the earnestly delivered line, “This is not a performance; this is a blood sport.” Thanks, Brody.

Star of the Episode: Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez. This episode threw the word diva around a lot, but when it comes to star power, few can rival Santana. She commanded the screen and each of her three songs was fiercer than the last. Thank goodness she’s sticking around.

“What is it with you Glee Club ex-pats? Don’t any of you have jobs? You have to have some source of income so you could pay the staff of scientists who service your teleporters that you all clearly own since your constantly showing up here.” —Sue calling Santana out for dropping by McKinley again

Tina’s Cold Buster Kit: “Start off with cough drops then two packs of vitamin C, a cup of my homemade Chinese chicken soup and finish with my secret weapon: nighttime cold medicine." 

Emma's pamphlets to cure Finn’s broken heart include “So She Moved In With Someone Else…OUCH” and “You Won’t Be Alone Forever…Probably!”

Glee aced geography this week by moving Santana to New York City! We can’t wait to see the trouble she gets into living with former classmates Rachel and Kurt.

So many Broadway references this week: Rachel (a.k.a. Lea Michele) going out for the first Funny Girl revival and being called “Sarah Brightman in training” and “Barbra’s heir apparent.” Kurt was dubbed “Taylor the Latte Boy” at NYADA.

Finn’s Facebook relationship status may still be listed as “heartbroken,” but that does not excuse kissing Emma! Unacceptable. Especially after Will asked Finn to be his best man.

Somehow Glee has managed to almost sell us on Tina and Blaine’s twisted relationship, but we still think Tina can do better than “a sexless relationship like so many Asian girls and gay men.”


See the New Directions divas work the runway in "Diva.'

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