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Glee Goes to the Movies! What Worked in this Week's Celluloid Songfest?

Glee Goes to the Movies! What Worked in this Week's Celluloid Songfest?
Darren Criss, Alex Newell, Matthew Morrison & Jayma Mays in 'Glee'
Find out our favorite moments from 'Girls (and Boys) on Film.'

On March 7, Glee celebrated songs from the film (as well as their 500th song). The episode centered mainly on the musical numbers, so the plot was thin: Will tried to get Emma back, the New York gang is snowed in and the New Directions pit the boys against the girls (again). What worked, what didn’t? Here’s how “Girls (and Boys) on Film” scored on’s Glee Report Card.

Best Number: We couldn’t get enough of the way Glee cut up Ghost’s signature song “Unchained Melody.” That moment at the pottery wheel gets us every time, and when you add a Jake/Ryder juxtaposition—we are sold!

Best Line: “Boys are like lumps of coal. They’re dirty and cheap and they get hot when they’re rubbed, and some turn into diamonds so collect as many as you can.” —Kitty’s romantic advice to Marley

Most Cliché Rom-Com line: “I can’t compete with a fantasy, Kurt.” —Adam regarding Kurt’s lingering feelings for Blaine

Worst Title For a Student Film: Hollywood Hootenanny. Really, Artie?

Scene with the Most Heart: Will and Emma’s heart-to-heart outside her sister’s house. We were moved by how real it was (despite how avoidable Will and Emma’s “drifting apart” was).

Relationship of the Week: Kurt and Adam. Yes, last week we gave our full support to Klaine, but Adam is an old-school gentleman and watching him court Kurt makes us melt.

Star of the Episode: Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez. What would Glee do without the sassy Santana? Once again she proved she is the most realistic character on the show. From rummaging through her roommates' things to comforting Rachel during her breakdown, Santana had all the best non-musical moments.

Special shout-out to the guys’ '80s-centric mash-up of Tom Cruise movies! The costumes for Risky Business and Top Gun were dead-on and the songs sounded out of this world.

“My first real week in New York and I’m snowbound in Bushwick with a bunch of musical theater queens. It’s like Eli Roth decided to make a gay horror movie and this is the scene right before we all eat each other.”—Santana’s Brooklyn lament 

When did Will Schuester become so off-the-charts cheesy? Let’s bring this character back to reality a bit, all right?

Glee had the perfect set-up for Moulin Rouge!’s soaring “Elephant Love Medley” and they wasted it on “Come What May” in the wrong setting. Boo!


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