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Raising the Barre! Five Reasons Why Bunheads, Starring Sutton Foster, Should Be Renewed For Season Two

Raising the Barre! Five Reasons Why Bunheads, Starring Sutton Foster, Should Be Renewed For Season Two
'Bunheads' stars Emma Dumont, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Sutton Foster, Bailey Buntain & Julia Goldani Telles
Five reasons why we think 'Bunheads,' starring Sutton Foster, should stick around!

Rumors have been flying that ABC Family’s ballet-centric series Bunheads, starring two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster, has been renewed for a second season—but sadly, according to a representative for ABC Family, there is “no news” about a renewal just yet. While we’re waiting patiently for the (hopefully good) news, check out five reasons why we think the series should definitely be picked up!

1. Let’s Hear it For the Girls
Broadway fans already knew Sutton Foster was talented, charismatic and hilarious, but on Bunheads, she’s surrounded by a whole ballet school full of strong, artistic and funny female characters. From the adorable Bailey Buntain as Ginny (who reminds us of a pint-sized Megan Hilty), to the graceful and wounded Juliana Goldani Telles as Sasha, Bunheads features a cast of gifted Broadway divas-in-training who are almost as fun to watch as Foster herself.

2. Amy Sherman-Palladino’s Dialogue Is Banter-iffic
Ever since Gilmore Girls went off the air, there’s been a serious lack of quotable, rapid-fire Amy Sherman-Palladino banter on the small screen. If Bunheads gets canceled, wouldn’t you miss silly exchanges like this between Foster and Tony winner Kelly Bishop? Yes, you would.

3. Happy Endings Aren’t Mandatory
After a devastating death shocked viewers in the first episode of Bunheads, we figured out pretty early on that this isn’t your typical ABC Family show. Bad things happen (especially to our down-on-her-luck protagonist Michelle!) and sometimes, ballerinas accidentally get maced during The Nutcracker. ABC Family, please don’t leave us hanging after season one’s emotional cliffhanger! Please?

4. No Auto-Tune
Unlike a certain high school in Ohio (cough, McKinley), there’s a strict “no auto-tune” policy at the Paradise Dance Academy. The singing has a real, natural sound, and the dancers do their own stunts (including Jeanine Mason and Kent Boyd from So You Think You Can Dance fame). And hey, where else can you get a private audition critique from Sutton Foster herself?

5. Sutton Bought a House, Dammit
Sure, it would be amazing to have Foster back home on Broadway, but according to her big brother (and Bunheads co-star) Hunter Foster, she’s having a blast in L.A. “Sutton really, really likes it out there, she likes doing the show, and she’s got a great new house,” he told “I’m sure she’ll do Broadway again at some point, but right now she’s hoping Bunheads runs a while.” Hunter, the feeling is mutual!

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