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Funny Girl Mania! Was This Week's Glee the Greatest Star or Rain on Our Parade?

Funny Girl Mania! Was This Week's Glee the Greatest Star or Rain on Our Parade?
Idina Menzel, Lea Michele & Mark Salling in 'Glee'
Did this week's 'Funny Girl'-heavy episode of 'Glee' make the grade?

The Glee Report Card is back, and we’re here to rate Glee’s fabulous Funny Girl April 18 episode “Sweet Dreams.” This plot-heavy, song-light episode focused on Rachel Berry’s audition for the fictional revival of Funny Girl, the New Directions choosing dream-themed songs for Regionals and Finn and Puck adjusting to collegiate life. What worked, what didn’t? Here’s how “Sweet Dreams” scored on’s Glee Report Card.

Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel): Shelby never made it on Broadway, but she does have the good sense to know one shouldn't audition for the Funny Girl revival singing a Streisand cover.
Roz Washington (NeNe Leakes): She’s back and sharper-tongued than ever. Props for Blaine’s new nickname, “fruity Fonzie.”

Best Number: Marley, Unique, Blaine and Sam gathered around the piano singing Marley’s song, “You Have More Friends Than You Know.” As Unique said, “Child, it’s the soundtrack to my life.”

Best Line: “Fanny Brice is the King Lear of musical theater roles, and I’m just an unknown Jewish girl from Ohio who came of age in a high school glee club.” —Rachel being her usual over-the-top self about Funny Girl auditions

Scene with the Most Heart: Finn and Rachel’s adorable phone call before her Funny Girl audition. We should all have exes who are as supportive and offer such good advice.

Relationship of the Week: Finn and Puck’s bromance really blossomed at college. The best buddies are the ones that crash a frat party with you, and also give you a good wake-up call when necessary.

Star of the Episode: Lea Michele as Rachel Berry. This Funny Girl-centric episode really let Rachel shine and it reminded us why we fell in love with the needy perfectionist to begin with. If (as rumors suggest) this is the final season of Glee, the biggest payoff for fans would be to see Rachel make her Broadway debut as Fanny.

Good for Shelby Corcoran for starting a new business that keeps her close to Broadway and Rachel. Anything described lovingly as “Fame for toddlers” is right up our alley.

“Some bros, some brews and some bountiful Bettys.” —Puck perfectly summing up freshman year of college

Offering Miley Cyrus the role of Fanny Brice in the first Broadway revival of Funny Girl? Even in jest, this is not OK.

Rachel Berry auditioned for Funny Girl with “Don’t Stop Believing,” and she sounded incredible. Yes, it’s a strange choice, but we were on her side right up until her random glee club friends appeared in her imagination. #unnecessary


Check out Rachel's unusual "Funny Girl" audition below.

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