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Find Out How Glee's Tearful Finale, 'All or Nothing,' Rated and the Overall Grade for Season Four

Find Out How Glee's Tearful Finale, 'All or Nothing,' Rated and the Overall Grade for Season Four
Darren Criss, Jessica Sanchez, Jenna Ushkowitz & Becca Tobin in 'Glee'
The 'Glee' season finale featured regionals performances, character departures, major shockers and more.

The Glee season four finale aired on May 9, and it was quite a doozy. If you haven't seen the jam-packed episode yet, STOP reading this, we're gonna spoil your gleeeful fun. The episode “All or Nothing” saw Brittany Pierce and Ryder Lynn say goodbye to the glee club, Rachel nail her final Funny Girl callback, Blaine buy an engagement ring for Kurt, and Will and Emma finally say “I do.” What worked; what didn’t? Here’s how “All or Nothing” scored on’s Glee Report Card.

Best Number: The best number this week came from New Directions’ big regionals competitor The Hoosierdaddies. In the song "Wings," Frida Romero (played by Idol’s Jessica Sanchez) and her crew sounded radio-ready and brought some really killer moves. How did they not take the crown?!

Best Line: “This fondue smells disgusting. It’s like somebody poured chardonnay on a homeless woman who had been dead several days.” —Sue commenting on Brittany’s Fondue for Two offering

Biggest Shocker: Michael Bolton was Sue Sylvester’s baby daddy. #random

Biggest Cliffhanger: The episode ended with Will and Emma’s surprise wedding during which Blaine pulled out a ring box while standing next to Kurt! Is Blaine really going to pop the question? And do we really have to wait all summer to find out? And isn't a little rude to propose at someone else's wedding? #justaquestion

Best Excuse to Catfish Your Friend: “Because I know I’m not your vision of beauty.” —Unqiue to Ryder after she came clean about their relationship

Scene with the Most Heart: The Glee finale brought us to tears as fan favorite Brittany S. Pierce said goodbye to the New Directions. Her touching pre-performance speech about family had plenty of laughs but even more heart. We’ll miss you, Britt!

Relationship of the Week: Jan and Liz really made for a nice addition to this season’s finale. The older lesbian pair offered a nice representation of a couple that has been together since high school and still manages to keep the love alive. Maybe we're picky, but the writing for them was almost as heavy-handed as a New Normal episode.

Star of the Episode: Heather Morris as Brittany S. Pierce. We speculated how Glee would handle Morris’ real-life pregnancy, and we must say the writers exceeded expectations. Turns out Brittany is “the most brilliant scientific mind since Albert Einstein” and left McKinley High to start her studies at MIT early.

In a season that was all about Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), the finale only featured her for a total of maybe three minutes. WTF? Gleeks have to wait months to find out if Rachel got the role of Fanny Brice in Funny Girl? And why didn’t she at least join Kurt and Santana for regionals?

New Directions’ regionals performance was fine and upbeat, but we couldn’t help think: After poaching amazing soloists Blaine and Unique from other schools, why didn't the New Directions feature them as soloists during competitions? Let’s face it, without Rachel Berry, Blaine and Unique are the club’s biggest stars.



See you in September Glee! Until then, we leave with New Directions' best regionals song, "I Love It."

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