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Jonathan Groff Almost Spewed, Megan Hilty Needs Us & More Lessons of the Week

Jonathan Groff Almost Spewed, Megan Hilty Needs Us & More Lessons of the Week
Herman the Fish, Adam Jacobs' babies and Kris Jenner taught us some very important lessons this week.

Quick, let’s get out of Times Square before we’re all trampled by football fans! Before we park ourselves on the couch with a tube of cookie dough and a giant spoon this weekend, let’s revisit a few of the fun, silly and wildly fascinating things we learned this week. Ready?

Melchior Almost Puked in Wendla's Mouth
Ultimate BFFs Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele had a hardcore makeout session eight shows a week in Spring Awakening—even that one time Groff had the stomach flu. “I was going to vomit into [her] mouth,” he recalls, in graphic detail. Um, ew.

Herman the Fish Died of Heartbreak
Cinderella mascot Herman is now swimming in that big fishbowl in the sky. We feel ya, Hermie—we don’t know how we’ll go on living without seeing Laura Osnes’ beautiful smile every day either.

Frozen Is Icing Out the Competition
Our favorite shower sing-along song “Let It Go” is one step closer to winning a shiny, shiny Oscar, thanks to the disqualification of some song from Alone Yet Not Alone we’ve never heard of. Whatever. Frozen for the win!

Broadway Is Going Ape Sh*t
King Kong is coming! King Kong is coming! We can't wait for the ad campaigns: Free banana smoothies in Times Square, a giant monkey puppet scaling the Empire State Building, and man, the Thanksgiving Day Parade float options are endless.

The World Couldn’t Save Sean
And just like that, NBC has put Megan Hilty out of a job again. Time to come back to the warm, fuzzy embrace of Broadway, Megan. Where everybody knows your na-a-ame… (P.S. Please star in King Kong).

Andrew Keenan-Bolger Wants to Go Green
Forget Fiyero—Andrew Keenan-Bolger has his sights on Elphie. He admits to channeling Shoshanna Bean in the shower, and if his stint on Looking is any indication, he can really nail that belty D-flat in “Defying Gravity.”

There's a Beautiful Gambling Ring
No, not the oldest established craps game in New York—the weekly Dollar Friday cash drawing backstage at Beautiful. Guys, we’re pretty sure that’s illegal. Can we play?

Joe Carroll Sang ‘Call Me Maybe’ Drunk
Cinderella’s new prince doesn’t need to study up on his co-star Carly Rae Jepsen. Thanks to his frat party days, he knows all the words to her hit song. We know this is something you were stressed about, so don't worry.

Kris Jenner Wants to Paint the Town
If she has her way, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians momma could be headlining Chicago. This is an outrage! Jenner will never measure up to the legendary performances of Jerry Springer, Ashlee Simpson and Usher.

Adam Jacobs Needs a Diaper Genie
There’s nothing more challenging than starring in a new Broadway show—oh, except maybe having newborn twins. Aladdin star Adam Jacobs is tackling both at once this spring. If he falls asleep on the magic carpet, just let him rest.

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