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Ramin Karimloo Is Above the Law, Kelli O’Hara Literally Built a Bridge & More Lessons of the Week

Ramin Karimloo Is Above the Law, Kelli O’Hara Literally Built a Bridge & More Lessons of the Week
Norm Lewis, Jessie Mueller, Ramin Karimloo and more stars taught us some very important lessons this week!

It's Friday, and you know what that means... The Vampire Diaries are on! Oh, and it's also time to revisit all of the crazy things our favorite Broadway stars have taught us over the last seven days. From Kelli O'Hara's secret life as an architect to Andy Karl's dreams of becoming an exercise mogul, check out everything we've learned below!

Ramin Karimloo Dreamed of Justice
When Les Miz producer Cameron Mackintosh approached Ramin Karimloo about playing Jean Valjean, he initially said he wanted to play Javert instead. Wow, Ramin—why don’t you just play Fantine and Marius too? Or do your own one-man Les Miz? (Seriously. Please do this.)

The Gentleman’s Gents Need Spit Guards
After receiving complaints that they spit too much during the show, A Gentleman’s Guide stars Jefferson Mays and Bryce Pinkham decided to try rehearsing with giant plastic dog cones around their heads. At last, we can finally focus on the show without getting distracted!

Audra McDonald Gets Drunk For Research
Before she takes the stage as Billie Holiday in Broadway’s Lady Day, the 50 gagillion-time Tony winner says she’s going to drink a bunch of gin to prepare for the role. And we have just the drinking buddy for her to do all of that, um, research with. Queen Lesli, you busy tonight?

The Valentina Bros Have Body Issues
What do the cross-dressing dudes of Casa Valentina all have in common? They’re all surprised by how terrible they look in drag. Oh boys, don’t be so hard on yourselves—being pretty isn’t everything. You is smart, you is kind, you is important!

Andy Karl Wants to Be Richard Simmons
Now that Andy Karl is one of the buffest dudes on Broadway, he’s ready to take his Broadway body to your living room! The Rocky hunk told us he wants to create his own home workout video…that we will definitely use for working out, not just for staring at abs and arms.

James Franco Needs a Nap
Rehearsing for a Broadway show is a huge commitment—but for multitasker James Franco, his debut in Of Mice and Men is just another item on this week's to-do list. Poetry book? Check. New movie? Check. Workout video with Andy Karl? Please be a check.

Kelli O’Hara Is a Champion Bridge Builder
In this week’s WTF news, The Bridges of Madison County headliner Kelli O’Hara revealed to her co-star Steven Pasquale on "Ask a Star" that she actually won first prize for building a cantilevered, fully balanced model of a bridge. Overachiever.

Christopher Sieber Is Cursed
He was ready to play Miss Trunchbull in Matilda, but due to a hand injury, Christopher Sieber is stuck on the sidelines. Looks like the Curse of the Trunchbull has been passed on from Craig Bierko, who had to step down last year due to a shoulder injury. No more hammer throwing for you, ladies.

No One Cares How Pippin’s Hair Looks
While preparing to step into the title role in Pippin, vlogger Kyle Dean Massey consulted the hair department about what Pippin's coif should look like. And to his disappointment, the prince is so low-maintenance, hair just doesn't matter. It matters to us, Kyle Dean! It matters to us.

Norm Lewis Will Make Broadway History
You heard it here first, folks: Norm Lewis will fulfill his dream of becoming the first black man to play the title role in The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. Now he can finally put away his Opera Populaire vision board. Help him make the Music of the Noorrrmmmm!

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