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Sierra Boggess Has Dental Drama, Aaron Tveit Can Wear Anything & More Lessons of the Week

Sierra Boggess Has Dental Drama, Aaron Tveit Can Wear Anything & More Lessons of the Week
Sutton Foster, Jarrod Spector and a missing tooth taught us some very important lessons this week.

Guys, it’s officially Tony Awards weekend! But before you get to work baking that life-sized brownie replica of Idina Menzel for your Tony party, it’s time to look back at a few of the crazy things we learned this week. From Sierra Boggess’ tooth trauma to Ramin Karimloo’s bizarro alter-ego James Snyder, a lot of seriously weird stuff has happened in the last seven days. So, without further ado, it’s time for the Lessons of the Week!

Sierra Boggess Lost a Tooth in the Lair
On a special yoga edition of Side by Side by Susan Blackwell, the very flexible Sierra Boggess revealed she once fell into a trap door and knocked her front tooth out while playing Christine in Phantom. Or should we say... “Chrithtine.”

Orange You Glad Aaron Tveit Is So Hot?
Tveitertots all over the world swooned this week when the Graceland stud appeared in a sexy photo spread in the new issue of Bello magazine—including one spectacular shot featuring Tveit in a dashing tangerine short-suit. Don’t mind if we do.

Idina Menzel Will Autograph Your Junk
And by junk, we don’t mean your collection of Frozen snowglobes. The If/Then star read her Audience Choice Awards fill-in-the-blank acceptance speech live on Show People, and yes, she verbally agreed to sign “your penises at the stage door.” Ummmm...

Ramin Karimloo Found a Parallel Universe
On his (very un-boring) video blog, Les Miz star Ramin Karimloo discovered a passageway to another dimension—the Richard Rodgers Theatre, where James Snyder was filming his vlog. Watch out, Ramin, we hear the cast of If/Then is into some weird stuff. Like autographing penises.

You Can’t Sit with Jarrod Spector at Lunch
Sorry, but Beautiful Tony nominee Jarrod Spector doesn’t want you to find out which delicious Japanese restaurant he frequents on two-show days. Fine, Jarrod, whatever, we’ll just eat Shake Shack alone while listening to the Beautiful cast album and sobbing like we usually do.

Adriane Lenox Is a Jarrod Spector Stalker
On a completely unrelated note, After Midnight star Adriane Lenox got a little intense in our Tony nominee confession booth, admitting she has a super-mega-crush on Jarrod Spector and spends lots of time Googling him. Jarrod, we're sorry we ever doubted you.

Jenn Colella Can Out-Sing a Mob
This week, James Snyder hit the streets to film the fans at the If/Then stage door singing “Happy Birthday” to Idina Menzel. Hundreds of Fanzels sang at the top of their lungs, but the sweet voice soaring above them all belonged to Jenn Colella. Damn, Jenn, you’ve got pipes! Wanna come to our karaoke night? (Karaoke haters James and Idina need not apply.)

Sutton Foster Doesn’t Have to Audition
When we asked Violet star Sutton Foster which other Broadway star she runs into at auditions the most, she sheepishly replied, “I don’t audition anymore.” Yeah, she probably just sends casting directors a link to this, then kicks back and eats bon-bons.

Games Make Jefferson Mays Homicidal
On the surface, A Gentleman’s Guide headliner Jefferson Mays seems like a nice guy, but challenge him to a board game (especially Parcheesi) and he transforms into a “homicidal lunatic.” Jefferson, it’s probably best you’ll be at the Tonys, instead of at home playing the Tony Scavenger Hunt.

BACA Winners Love Booze, Boobs & Butts
When we asked Audience Choice Award winners to name adjectives, body parts, favorite drinks and more for their Mad Lib-style acceptance speeches, we had no idea these dignified stars would be so preoccupied with butts, boobs and the F-word. Oh, who are we kidding? You guys are just as crazy as we are, and that's why we love you.

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