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Idina Menzel Has Two Secret Talents, Benjamin Walker Is Shirtless and Psycho & More Lessons of the Week

Idina Menzel Has Two Secret Talents, Benjamin Walker Is Shirtless and Psycho & More Lessons of the Week
Bernadette Peters' purple genie pants taught us some important lessons this week!

Friday is our favorite day of the week, and here at, we celebrate by getting a little crazy. A lot of ridiculous stuff has happened on the Great White Way in the last seven days: Cinderella welcomed some talk show hosts into the kingdom, Constantine Maroulis taught us about the birds and the bees and a Broadway favorite announced she’s having a Wicked little bundle of joy. Check out what we learned this week!

Lesson #1
Idina Menzel Can Sing Opera (& Jazz)
We knew she could sing every Broadway song from “Over the Moon” to “Life of the Party,” but she has a few more secret talents up her sleeve. To distinguish her dual roles in If/Then, Idina Menzel offered to play Liz like a jazz singer and Beth like an opera singer. Hmm, thanks Idina, but let’s save that skill for your forthcoming turn in Multiple Personalities: The Musical.

Lesson #2
The New Cinderella Stars Are Chatty
Two talk show hosts are getting off the couch, putting down their giant lattes and joining the Cinderella kingdom: Keke Palmer of Just Keke and The View’s Sherri Shepherd. Coming soon, Jimmy Fallon as Prince Topher, Conan O’Brien as Jean-Michel and Arsenio Hall as Lord Pinkleton!

Lesson #3
James Corden Might Pick TV Over B’way
Speaking of talk shows, James Corden is reportedly eyeing a hosting gig at The Late Late Show, which is super depressing because we were hoping he’d headline the new revival of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum on Broadway. Whatever, James. Don’t break our hearts or anything. We'll just hang out with one of these other guys.

Lesson #4
Sierra Boggess Has a Spirit Guide
On her video blog “Daae Days,” Phantom star Sierra Boggess devoted an entire episode to her voice teacher, soul sister and confidant, Mary Setrakian. Mary is even the creator of Sierra’s catchphrase, “You are enough, you are so enough, it’s unbelievable how enough you are.” So Mary is basically Sierra’s spirit animal. (Ours is a squirrel, by the way.)

Lesson #5
Bernadette Peters Was a Golden Girl
Speaking of pals and confidants (but hey, when aren’t we?), did you know Bernadette Peters was the first-ever member of The Golden Girls? Yeah, we didn’t either, until we saw this amazing video of her singing the show’s theme song, “Thank You For Being a Friend,” in a glittery lavender bustier and genie pants. No Bernadette, thank you. Seriously.

Lesson #6
Rock of Ages Is Like Bethlehem
Tony nominee Constantine Maroulis has returned to Rock of Ages, the land of leather, lace and...immaculate conceptions?! On Show People, the American Idol alum joked that when he last starred in the hit musical, his co-star Angel Reed magically became pregnant. So that’s where babies come from.

Lesson #7
Broadway Stars Need Coffee
We asked the cast of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time what one tiny thing can completely ruin their day, and the majority had the same answer: Running out of coffee. Wait, you guys ran out of coffee once?! What did you even do? How did you function? Did you at least have emergency peanut butter cups on hand for a pick-me-up?! Wow. You guys are so brave.

Lesson #8
Benjamin Walker Is a Naked Psycho
It’s hardly a newsflash that Ben Walker looks great with his shirt off (hello, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?) but he went even further in the Hollywood Bowl production of Hair when he wore nothing but a tiny loincloth. Don’t mind if we do! If you missed it, he’s going to be taking his shirt off again in American Psycho this fall. So what if he's playing a serial killer? No shirt!

Lesson #9
Christian Borle Is NBC’s Sidekick
We had our fingers crossed Tony winner Christian Borle would play Captain Hook in the Peter Pan telecast...That obviously didn’t happen, but he might be playing Hook’s sidekick Smee and Mr. Darling. NBC, we're thrilled you cast him in Smash, The Sound of Music and now Peter Pan, but what’s a guy gotta do to get the lead around here? Sing a passable karaoke version of “Take Me or Leave Me?”

Lesson #10
The Royal Broadway Baby Is Coming
Guys, it’s happening: Stephanie J. Block and Sebastian Arcelus are expecting a little bundle of joy! And you know what that means—it’s almost time for Wicked baby play dates with Megan Hilty and Brian Gallagher’s daughter-to-be, due in September. Obviously these babies will be named Elphie and Glinda. Isn't that the law? Also, we already bought you guys baby shower gifts. You're welcome!

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