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Banana Shpeel TICKETS - Off-Broadway

Banana Shpeel

— Cirque du Soleil premieres an exciting new extravaganza!


Banana Shpeel is a brand new show from Cirque du Soleil, with performance styles inspired by vaudeville blending the artistry of Cirque du Soleil, comedy, tap, hip hop, eccentric dance and slapstick, all linked by a hilarious narrative that ignites a succession of wacky adventures.

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What Is Banana Shpeel Like?
Banana Shpeel combines Cirque du Soleil’s trademark visually stunning acrobatics with a rarely seen slapstick style of the long-gone vaudeville era. The show’s host, Schmelky, takes center stage to perform various comedic bits, while Shpeel’s clowns often cause trouble in the background. Jaw-dropping contortionists ...

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Beacon Theatre
2124 Broadway New York, NY