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Banana Shpeel - Off-Broadway

Cirque du Soleil premieres an exciting new extravaganza!


What Is the Story of Banana Shpeel?
Banana Shpeel has a very loose story line woven among the show’s various vaudeville and circus acts. Shpeel’s master of ceremonies, Schmelky, is extremely hot tempered with his staff. Frustrated by their boss' constant yelling, several of the Shpeel performers hope to change Schmelky's attitude. When they learn his anger may stem from a trip to Paris gone wrong, they help exorcise some of Schmelky’s inner demons.

Should I See It?

What Is Banana Shpeel Like?
Banana Shpeel combines Cirque du Soleil’s trademark visually stunning acrobatics with a rarely seen slapstick style of the long-gone vaudeville era. The show’s host, Schmelky, takes center stage to perform various comedic bits, while Shpeel’s clowns often cause trouble in the background. Jaw-dropping contortionists, tap dancers, mimes and jugglers outfitted in eye-popping costumes parade for the audience’s enjoyment.

Is Banana Shpeel Good For Kids?
This is the most family-friendly of Cirque’s many shows, performed on the Beacon Theatre stage rather than in a circus tent. Kids will find humor in the zany antics of Schpeel’s clowns and will be wowed by the incredible circus acts and dance numbers.