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Fuerza Bruta - Off-Broadway

A heart-pounding theatrical extravaganza from the creators of De La Guarda.


Not a traditional, story-driven production, Fuerza Bruta (or “Brute Force,” in English) is a completely non-verbal performance the uses music, dance, acrobatics, aerial imagery and some awe-inspiring visual displays and set designs. The show combines segments that trigger a whole range of emotions, from desperation to triumph to pure joy. There’s a wee bit of plot, too, in a running theme involving a guy in a suit who faces harsh winds, flying objects and brick walls while chasing after something. Or maybe he’s being chased. Fuerzabruta doesn’t sweat those kinds of details. It just wants to rock your world with an overload of sight, sound and motion.

Should I See It?

What Is Fuerza Bruta Like?
Fuerza Bruta is a full-on 360 degree experience. The space looks more like a club than a theater. There’s not even a stage, per se, as the action happens around, above and among you. The audience not only stands for the entirety of the performance, but everyone’s moved (sometimes pushed) around en masse to make way for raised platforms and other changing scenery. Cast members, most of whom are dripping wet, freely mingle with the crowd and might give you a hug and/or encourage you to join in their tribal dancing and shouting. It all ends with a techno dance party, and the DJ’s got a hose! So stand to the sides if your post-theater plans involve reservations at a fancy restaurant.

Is Fuerza Bruta Good for Kids?
It might be overwhelming for the little ones, since there’s a lot of darkness, loud music and misty, fog-like air. The show also begins with a central character being shot numerous times, a scene complete with several loud bangs and plenty of blood packets. Technically, there’s no nudity, yet one of the shows most eye-popping segments–in which the performers cavort in a swimming pool that’s suspended above the audience, can make for from some unexpected sights. This is a better bet for teens and up.