Fuerza Bruta TICKETS - Off-Broadway

— A heart-pounding theatrical extravaganza from the creators of De La Guarda.


A dazzling experience that floods the senses with a nonstop collision of music, emotion and aerial imagery.

*Please note: Fuerza Bruta is general admission and due to the nature of the show, audience members will stand throughout the performance.

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What Is Fuerza Bruta Like?
Fuerza Bruta is a full-on 360 degree experience. The space looks more like a club than a theater. There’s not even a stage, per se, as the action happens around, above and among you. The audience not only stands for the entirety of the ...

Fuerza Bruta Cast & Creative

  • Performer Dusty Giamanco
  • Performer John Hartzell
  • Performer Brooke Miyasaki
  • Performer Liam Lane
  • Performer Khadija Griffith
  • Performer Alvaro Colom
  • Performer Holly Shunkey
  • Performer Christina Glur
  • Performer Dario Vaccaro
  • Performer Michele Jongeneel
  • Performer Jessica Osborne
  • Created by Diqui James, Gaby Kerpel, Alejandro Garcia and Fabio Daquila
  • Costume Designer Andrea Mattio

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Daryl Roth Theatre
101 East 15th Street New York, NY