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Ghost TICKETS - Broadway


— The new musical based on the popular film of the same name arrives on Broadway.


Ghost follows a young couple, Sam and Molly, who get mugged while walking home to their New York apartment one night. Sam is murdered and becomes trapped in this world as a ghost, unable to leave Molly, who he learns is in grave danger. With the help of a phony storefront psychic, Oda Mae Brown, Sam tries to communicate with Molly in the hope of saving and protecting her.

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What is Ghost Like? 
From the moment the opening credits are projected onto the curtain, it's clear that this musical adaptation of the beloved feature film makes great use of high-tech, cinematic elements. These stage illusions—ghost Sam walks through doors, spirits and bodies instantly separate into two beings—make this ...

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Lunt-Fontanne Theatre
205 West 46th Street New York, NY