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Neva TICKETS - Off-Broadway


— The Public Theater presents the English language premiere of Guillermo Calderon's drama.


In a politically charged, haunting meditation on theater and the revolutionary impulse, Neva tells the story of Anton Chekhov’s widow, the actress Olga Knipper, who arrives in a dimly lit rehearsal room in St. Petersburg in the winter of 1905. As Olga and two other actors await the rest of the cast, they huddle together, act out scenes from their lives and muse on their art form and love - while, unseen, striking workers are being gunned down in the streets by Tsarist regime. Calderón savagely examines the relationship between theater and historical context in this ominous and tightly crafted ensemble work that allows a palpable terror to creep through the theater walls.

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What Is Neva Like?
In this haunting production from Chilean writer-director Guillermo Calderon, three actors perform on a small, raised platform, surrounded by the audience on three sides. Illuminated only by a single light (which the actors control), the show relies on its dialogue and story rather than copious amounts ...

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Joseph Papp Public Theater/Anspacher Theater
425 Lafayette Street New York, NY