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Neva - Off-Broadway

The Public Theater presents the English language premiere of Guillermo Calderon's drama.


What Is the Story of Neva?
Neva tells the story of Olga Knipper, an actress and the widow of famed Russian playwright Anton Chekhov. She arrives in St. Petersburg to rehearse The Cherry Orchard, meeting two other actors also await the rest of their company. As they pass the time, Knipper and the others muse on art, politics, theater and the revolution brewing right outside their door.

Should I See It?

What Is Neva Like?
In this haunting production from Chilean writer-director Guillermo Calderon, three actors perform on a small, raised platform, surrounded by the audience on three sides. Illuminated only by a single light (which the actors control), the show relies on its dialogue and story rather than copious amounts of props, sets and costumes to impart its themes of the challenge of creating art during a time of violence.

Is Neva Good for Kids?
No. Neva contains adult themes and language, and its dialogue will likely go over the heads of theatergoers of any age unfamiliar with Chekhov.