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Old Hats TICKETS - Off-Broadway

Old Hats

— Signature Theatre Company presents this new comedy, created by and starring Bill Irwin and David Shiner.


Bill Irwin reunites with fellow clown David Shiner for a new work combining their inimitable magic, slapstick, and hilarity. Using music, technology, and movement, plus other tricks up their sleeves, Irwin and Shiner create another wild and remarkable outing of theatre for a new generation of audiences.

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What Is Old Hats Like?
In Old Hats, Irwin and Shiner embody a variety of kooky characters, including two guffawing politicians, a sleezy magician and his jealous assistant (Irwin, in drag), a down-on-his-luck hobo, a spaghetti-slinging chef and two feuding businessmen waiting for a train. Featuring McKay’s soulful and satirical ...

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