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stop. reset. TICKETS - Off-Broadway

stop. reset.

— Signature Theatre Company presents Regina Taylor's new work.


As e-books outsell printed books, Alex Ames, the owner of Chicago’s oldest African American book publishing company, must question each of his employees to determine who is still relevant in a rapidly changing world. When he meets J, a mysterious youth plugged into the future, Mr. Ames is forced to discover just how far he will go to survive.

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What Is stop. reset. Like?
stop. reset. features an innovative and interactive set by Neil Patel with projection designs by Shawn Sagady—the walls of the book publishing office are embellished with a constantly moving stream of quotations, short films and photos. Clocking in at one hour and 45 minutes with ...

stop. reset. Cast & Creative

  • Alex Ames Carl Lumbly
  • Chris Teagle F. Bougere
  • J Ismael Cruz Cordova
  • Deb Michi Barall
  • Tim Donald Sage Mackay
  • Jan LaTanya Richardson Jackson
  • Written and Directed by Regina Taylor
  • Set Designer Neil Patel
  • Costume Designer Karen Perry
  • Lighting Designer Lap Chi Chu
  • Sound Designer Robert Kaplowitz
  • Projection Designer Shawn Sagady

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stop. reset. – Off-Broadway

Signature Theatre Company presents Regina Taylor's new work.

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