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Venice TICKETS - Off-Broadway


— The Public Theater presents this partly political, partly romantic new musical.


Part epic romance, part political tale, Venice is set in a fallen city in the not-so-distant future where revolution is in the air, political structures are crumbling, and only the children of the city's fallen heroes can change the course of history. The electrifying musical ignites the stage with a fusion of musical styles from hip-hop and rock to soaring anthems of love and hope, tracing a young man's rise as he fights for what's right against a backdrop of deceit and sibling betrayal.

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What Is Venice Like?
Venice is an experimental new musical that fuses rock, hip-hop, rap and traditional musical theater style in an innovative, exciting score. The show is narrated by an omnipresent speaker known only as “Clown,” who guides the audience through the story with clever use of projections ...

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Joseph Papp Public Theater/Anspacher Theater
425 Lafayette Street New York, NY