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Venice - Off-Broadway

The Public Theater presents this partly political, partly romantic new musical.


What is the Story of Venice?
The new musical Venice tells the story of a decaying city in a not-so-distant future ravaged by a terrorist attack that caused the political structures to crumble. As society is split among the elite and the rest, two brothers from opposite sides of the tracks clash as they both try to restore the fallen order.

Should I See It?

What Is Venice Like?
Venice is an experimental new musical that fuses rock, hip-hop, rap and traditional musical theater style in an innovative, exciting score. The show is narrated by an omnipresent speaker known only as “Clown,” who guides the audience through the story with clever use of projections all around the theater. The audience’s proximity to the young performers—plus the contemporary musical score and high-energy choreography—make Venice feel like a modern, intimate new musical.

Is Venice Good for Kids?
The show includes some fleeting expletives, violence and some occasional scary moments. Venice is not recommended for children under 13.