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Amy Adams Names Her Into the Woods Wig, Jonathan Groff Trains in Secret for Nude Scenes & More Lessons of the Week

Amy Adams Names Her Into the Woods Wig, Jonathan Groff Trains in Secret for Nude Scenes & More Lessons of the Week
Jonathan Groff, John Stamos and James Earl Jones' lips made this week's headlines.

If time flies when you’re having fun, it’s no wonder that another week on the Great White Way has whizzed by already. From an Into the Woods star's weird relationship with her wig to John Stamos’ surprising Best Man smooch secret, there’s been a lot to learn in the last seven days. Read on below to find out what!

Amy Adams’s Wig Is a German Woman
Theater fans who have gotten a glimpse of Amy Adams as The Baker’s Wife in Into the Woods won’t be surprised to hear the actress say her wig is running the show. “It’s got a life of its own,” she told on opening night. “Some nights she’s crazy, but tonight she was pretty calm.” She? Does this lady have a name? “It’s gotta be like, Gerdadine or something,” Adams said after a pause. “I’ve gotta think of a German name, something grounded and in charge.” Keep us posted, Amy! We'd help you out, but this seems like a wig we don't want to mess with.

Jonathan Groff Gets Fit to Get Naked
Jonathan Groff is plenty busy starring in Red in Los Angeles's Mark Taper Forum, but he’s also in prep mode for his role on TV drama Boss. “I mean, the show is on STARZ, so I definitely get naked at some point,” he revealed. To that end, he says he’s eating mostly chicken, broccoli and eggs, and swimming at a “secret” public Los Angeles pool. Secret? Just whisper in our ear, Jonathan. We won’t tell anyone. Promise.

Norbert Leo Butz’s iPod Has Sexy Secrets
Two-time Tony winner Norbert Leo Butz is gearing up for a Broadway return in Dead Accounts with Katie Holmes, but first picked his brain about music to promote his solo concert at 54 Below. So, what hidden gems does Butz have on his iPod? “I think I have a dirty voicemail from my wife in there somewhere.” Can we give you a little friendly advice, Norbert? Avoid the “shuffle” setting at parties.

Amber Riley Is an Honorary New Yorker
Glee star Amber Riley is heading from Hollywood to the Big Apple to star in the Encores! presentation of Cotton Club Parade, but Riley isn’t nervous about the big change. “I'm like an honorary New Yorker," she said. "I’ve been to New York so much and there’s places that I like to go to. I love Broadway and I love theater in New York. It’s like pizza in New York. It just goes hand in hand." Well done, Amber! You just have to love taxis and subway stations that smell like pee, and you're all set.

Andrew Rannells Strips with Pride
Don’t let that sweet face fool you: Andrew Rannells was "happy to take off my Mormon underwear for a few days and play a stripper,” the actor told While Rannells was starring in The Book of Mormon on Broadway, he also dropped trou for Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and more in the new movie Bachelorette. You can be both a Mormon and a stripper, Andrew, but we're pretty glad you weren't doing both at the same time. Do they even make tearaway Mormon underwear?

Annaleigh Ashford Loves TV Extremes
Dogfight’s Annaleigh Ashford shared her obsessions with, and her TV loves are a little schizo. On the one hand, there's highbrow hit Downton Abbey, and on the other, the greatest reality hits of Bravo TV. “If [Watch What Happens host] Andy Cohen ever had a last-minute cancellation, I could do a full commentary on any season with a jack hole and a mazel.” OK, Annaleigh, but first could you do commentary on that last sentence? Because we have no idea what it means.

Sierra Boggess Has Wedding Superstitions
A professional roller coaster year has kept London Les Miserables star Sierra Boggess from setting a wedding date, and now the big day may have to wait even longer! “It doesn’t look now as if it could be until late 2013,” Boggess recently said of her wedding to Les Miz co-star Tam Mutu. "Then you think, 'Do I want to get married in a ’13?'" To Tam Mutu? Yes, Sierra. The answer is yes.

Mormons Have Smelly Feet
Michael Potts has more to worry about than scrotum maggots (don't write to us; just see the show!) at The Book of Mormon; the actor is concerned about the stench of his dressing room. Potts showed his backstage must-haves, and foot powder was on the list. Why? “Nothing destroys a dressing room environment like foot odor,” he said. “And ain’t nobody got time for that.” On behalf of your dressing roommate Rory O’Malley, we say thank you, Michael.

Every Part of Richard Fleeshman is Beautiful
When Ghost star Richard Fleeshman appeared on Show People, host Paul Wontorek had to ask him about pal James Corden's opening night note to Ghost, in which he wrote: “Richard Fleeshman has a lovely, beautiful penis. Fact.”  “I’m going to go with the fact that he was joking,” Fleeshman said with a laugh, before deadpanning. “Even though it’s entirely true, which is great.” Trying hard not to make a "total package" joke here.

John Stamos Longs for Darth Vader's Lips
Our favorite reveal from John Stamos’ recent Ask a Star feature has to do with one of his current co-stars in the political classic The Best Man. “James Earl Jones is one hell of a kisser,” Stamos joked, when asked about the most surprising thing he’s learned working on the Broadway show. “I never realized what soft lips he has.” Wow, John. Guess politics really does make strange bedfellows.

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