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Kathie Lee Gifford Gets Bawdy When Boozin', the Spencer-Jordan Kids Are Gonna Look Creepy & More Lessons of the Week

Kathie Lee Gifford Gets Bawdy When Boozin', the Spencer-Jordan Kids Are Gonna Look Creepy & More Lessons of the Week
Adam Chanler-Berat, John Gallagher Jr. and Kristin Chenoweth's hair extensions made this week's headlines.

The Great White Way wrapped up another exciting week and the old Irving Berlin lyric holds true—there are no people like show people. From life-saving hair extensions to best friends who literally want to be attached at the hip, the last seven days have brought an onslaught of eye-opening headlines and revelations. Read on below to review all the happenings from this week on Broadway.

Ashley Spencer and Jeremy Jordan Are Going to Have Some Weird Looking Kids
Some actors keep pictures of their husbands/wives/sweethearts in their dressing room, but Rock of Ages star Ashley Spencer goes a step beyond that—she has photos of her and fiancé Jeremy Jordan’s fictional children hanging on her dressing room wall. Strange? Sure, but our major concern was, how do two beautiful people create two of the strangest looking kids? The boy has an unfortunate mop top and the poor girl is a mix between Dolly Parton and Punky Brewster. That’s what you get for trusting your progeny to a machine at Times Square arcade Dave & Busters.

Caissie Levy and Kacie Sheik Want to Be Conjoined
It’s one thing to be Broadway Besties with someone, but to voluntarily become conjoined with that person? Well, that’s love. Ghost star Caissie Levy said that she would want to be joined at the hip permanently with her Hair co-star and best friend Kacie Sheik…in the musical Side Show. In a word: YES!

Gregory Haney Went From Running Back to Auditioning in Four-Inch Heels
There are so many shocking revelations in Bring It On standout Greg Haney’s Fresh Face feature: He’s 30?! He was on Guts?! Though the most surprising fact about the fearless Haney was that he was a running back in football for 11 years before he traded his helmet and mouthguard for four-inch heels to play trans diva La Cienega. You go, Big Dog!

Adam Chanler-Berat Needs to Feel Dirty to Become Peter Pan
In this week’s My Space video with, Peter and the Starcatcher star Adam Chanler-Berat admitted that applying dirt is the key to his Peter Pan transformation. “The second I put this on I feel like Peter,” he said. Strangely enough, Cathy Rigby has a similar process for her gritty take on Peter Pan.

Frankie Valli Isn’t Afraid To Go Up Against Frankie Valli
Oh, what a fight! Real-life "Jersey Boy" Frankie Valli will perform his first-ever Broadway concert at the Broadway Theatre (backed by the Four Seasons, of course!). The concert will be just steps away from where the Tony Award-winning musical Jersey Boys, which tells the story of Valli and the rise of the Four Seasons, continues to play to sold-out crowds. Let’s settle this with a "Jersey contract," OK? (That's a handshake to you and me.)

Sutton Foster Is Suffering from Overexposure to the Sun
Like many a stage actress before her, Tony winner Sutton Foster has all but abandoned the Big Apple for sunny Los Angeles. “I really like it here,” she said in a recent interview with Salon. “It’s so weird! I like the person I am out here more than the person I am in New York.” Well, we'll chalk this up to too much sun because the Sutton Foster in New York is a triple-threat belter who can lead an eight-minute tap sequence with no sweat, and we like her just fine. In other words, come back now and we'll forget this NYC treason!

Kathie Lee Gifford Can’t Handle Her Booze
Scandalous scribe Kathie Lee Gifford has a reputation for getting a little loopy when drinking wine, so gracious host Jimmy Fallon was sure to have some on hand to celebrate Gifford's birthday this week. The Today host took one sip and let loose. After some humorous flirtation, Gifford cracked that she accidentally referred to Scandalous’ theater as the "Neil Semen" rather than the Neil Simon when recording promos. Eek! Put a cork in it, Kathie Lee! 

Charlotte York Brunches with Mrs. Potts, Darth Vader and Uncle Jesse
It sounds too good to be true! The Best Man star Kristin Davis told that former co-star Angela Lansbury hosted a brunch for the Best Man cast every Sunday. “We bring in baked goods and things—it’s family oriented, which is so nice,” Davis gushed. OK, Kristin, spill! When you look at John Stamos, Angela Lansbury and James Earl Jones over croissants, who do you think of as the Carrie, the Miranda and the Samantha?

John Gallagher Jr. Has Aged Out of Glee
Tony winner John Gallagher Jr. was the inaugural guest on the new The Daily at the Daily and was asked if he would be open to reuniting with his Spring Awakening co-stars Lea Michele and Jon Groff on Glee. While he is open to the idea, Gallagher is weary about a splashy guest spot. “I wouldn’t want to go in there and steal focus,” he said. “I just want to blend in and be obviously way too old to go to that school." John, we don’t know if you’ve seen Glee, but everyone is 25 or so, and no one steals focus from Lea Michele; we're pretty sure it’s in her contract.

Hair Extensions Saved Kristin Chenoweth’s Life
Broadway darling Kristin Chenoweth dropped out of The Good Wife after suffering injuries as a result of being struck by a piece of lighting equipment on the set of the CBS drama. Yet the craziest part of this story is that Chenoweth says she has hair extensions to thank for saving her life. “Thank God for hair extensions,” she tweeted to (Yes, KC tweets at us. We're kind of a big deal.) “They saved [my] head from splitting apart.” Oh, Kristin! if only the light had fallen on the GCB set—there the hair was so high, you’d hardly have a scratch.

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