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Stars in Space! Aaron Tveit, Benjamin Walker and Lea Michele Lead Our Dream Cast for Star Wars: The Musical

Stars in Space! Aaron Tveit, Benjamin Walker and Lea Michele Lead Our Dream Cast for Star Wars: The Musical
Aaron Tveit, Lea Michele & Benjamin Walker in 'Star Wars'
Check out our dream cast for a splashy 'Star Wars' Broadway musical!

Disney’s recent buyout of LucasFilm has the entire entertainment industry buzzing now that three new Star Wars movies are in the works. Disney already has a hand in some of Broadway’s splashiest musicals, and with action spectacles like Spider-Man and the upcoming King Kong musical becoming a norm on Broadway, it wouldn't be a huge surprise should the Mouse House opt to produce a Star Wars musical. readers already cast their vote in a recent poll for Aaron Tveit to play Jedi-in-training Luke Skywalker, so we couldn't help but imagine what other Broadway headliners could tackle the many memorable Star Wars characters. Take a look at our dream cast for a Star Wars musical (based on the original trilogy, of course!) A long time ago, on a stage far, far away...

Aaron Tveit as Luke Skywalker (played onscreen by Mark Hamill)
This one’s for you, readers! Fans chose the impeccably dimpled Aaron Tveit as their top pick to don the training robes and lightsaber of Star Wars’ budding young Tatooinian and main protagonist. The Force is strong with this one…just like his jawline.
Big Number: “I’ve Grown Accustomed To The Force”

Benjamin Walker as Han Solo (played onscreen by Harrison Ford)
It’s no easy feat to captain the Millenium Falcon, just as it's equally difficult to kill vampires while salvaging the antebellum South. Former Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln portrayer Benjamin Walker definitely has the gruff charm to tackle Han Solo, and show a little chest hair, too.
Big Number: “Run Kessel, Run”

Lea Michele as Princess Leia (played onscreen by Carrie Fisher)
As the show’s female lead, the feisty princess requires a determination and spunk that could only be found in Glee’s dynamite diva. Michele would easily rock the cinnamon bun hairdo and, should Broadway be so lucky, the bronze bikini that would no doubt be William Ivey Long’s piece de resistance.
Big Number: “Don’t Cry For Me, Alderaan”

Phillip Boykin as Darth Vader (voiced onscreen by James Earl Jones)
Boykin's Tony-nominated performance as the sinister Crown in Porgy and Bess proved the actor has everything needed to play the trilogy’s top villain: He's tall, terrifying and has a gorgeous baritone that could easily project out of Vader's heavy helmet. Just hope he doesn't find your lack of jazz hands disturbing.
Big Number: “Every Day A Little Death Star”

Mandy Patinkin as Obi-Wan Kenobi (played onscreen by Alec Guinness)
The adorably-bearded Mandy Patinkin has reached that certain age of wisdom (case in point, his current stellar turn as Claire Danes' CIA mentor on Homeland), so the Tony winner should have no problem teaching young Padawans the way of the Jedi. His death scene would make for a heartwrenching showstopper, plus he could totally bring down the house in a Mos Eisley Cantina dance break. Help us Mandy Patinkin, you're our only hope!
Big Number: “Jedi School Dropout”

Josh Gad as Chewbacca
Lovable Book of Mormon teddy bear Josh Gad already proved his Star Wars expertise with the musical's nerd-lingo-heavy anthem "Man Up." And what Gad may lack in the height department, he surely makes up with his ability to handle untamed hair, a signature of Han Solo’s woolly Wookiee. He'd also bring a tender poignancy to the gargling giant's slow-burn Act Two ballad, "Rrrr-ghghgh."
Big Number: “Carnaval Del Barrio”

Tom Edden as C-3PO
Tom Edden became the surprise toast of Broadway this spring for his Tony-nominated turn as bumbling waiter Alfie in One Man, Two Guvnors, and the British actor could definitely bring the same comedic mastery to the nervous, golden droid. Just like Edden's Guvnors character, it's probably not a good idea to have C-3PO go anywhere near a staircase.
Big Number: “The Droid I’m Looking For”

Andrew Keenan-Bolger as R2-D2
Broadway’s reigning prince of social media would deftly handle the strenuous beep-boops of the sassy and vertically challenged droid R2-D2. Keenan-Bolger would bring charm—and probably a video blog!—to the rolling robot, who could spring to life with the same staging ingenuity used for Beauty and the Beast’s Chip (one of AKB's former roles).
Big Number: “R2’s Turn”

Joel Grey as Yoda
At 80-years-old, critical acclaim and audience adoration, the original Cabaret star does still receive. Vast stage experience does Grey posses, for young Jedi to soak up. Tony nomination for Yoda, Joel Grey will get.
Big Number: “Dagobah by Dagobah”

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