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Lesli Margherita's Terrier Is a Lush, Laura Osnes' Pup Is a Princess & More Lessons of the Week

Lesli Margherita's Terrier Is a Lush, Laura Osnes' Pup Is a Princess & More Lessons of the Week
Steve Kazee, Alan Cumming and Laura Osnes made headlines this week.

T.G.I.F., theater fans! Another week has come and gone on the Great White Way, and as always scoured the recent crop of headlines to deliver you the most important lessons we learned in the last seven days. Take a look at all of the valuable tidbits below!

Matthew Morrison Wants to Be a Daddy
Matthew Morrison already told us he was wowed by the "cool news" that American Idol runner-up and pop star Adam Lambert is joining the cast of Glee next season. But the Tony and Emmy nominee says his real dream for the hit FOX series is for his character Will Schuester to have kids. "I think it would be fun." Fun?! Rewarding, sure, but 2AM feedings and disgusting diapers are not our idea of a part-ay, Matty Fresh. #justsaying

Lesli Margherita's Dog Needs an Intervention
When we found out Lesli Margherita had a Jack Russell terrier named after Family Guy's flamboyant and maniacal baby, Stewie, we certainly didn't expect the pooch to be boring, but this dog is bad to the bone. "He has a drinking problem. One night my husband was having a beer and left for a minute. We came back to Stewie holding the bottle in his paws, guzzling it down," said the Matilda star. The first step's admitting you have a problem, Stewie. Good boy.

Jason Ralph Can't Be Your Beach Buddy
Jeremy Jordan doppelganger and Peter and the Starcatcher star Jason Ralph is handsome, humble and hilarious, so he sounds like the perfect summer beach day partner, right? Welp, keep dreaming because this Boy won't be soaking up any sun for a long while. "I can't go tanning because I’m playing a 13-year-old boy who’s never seen the light of day," bemoans Ralph. Don't fret, Jason! We'd be more than happy to help you apply all of your sunscreen. Everywhere.

Krysta Rodriguez Befriends Superfans
In the newest episode of Show People, First Date's charming star Krysta Rodriguez revealed how Andy Mientus went from being a Spring Awakening superfan at the stage door asking her for autographs to being her real-life BFF and Smash co-star. "He was one of our biggest fans. Then he went on the tour, and we were like, 'Hey, superfan Andy is like really talented,'" said Rodriguez. Hmm. Krysta, will you do us a solid and let Zachary know we'll be outside the stage door every night? Thanks!

Derek Klena Is Still Going Through Puberty
In the latest episode of Fly Girl, Wicked stars Lindsay Mendez and Derek Klena laugh about Klena's occasional and unintentional knack for having his voice crack on stage. During an intense scene when Mendez and Klena are face to face, he has to aggressively yell, "I said silence!," but it doesn't always come out so...macho. "It gets kind of squeaky," said Klena. Aw, don't worry, Derek, it's all part of growing up. You're just squeaking through life.

Bath Time Is Deathly Important to Alan Cumming
Alan Cumming is getting ready to wrap up his reimagined interpretation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth on July 14, and it might be for the best since the Tony winner claims he "might die." Cumming tackles nearly every role in the show and says his most "peaceful moment" is when the audience thinks he's drowned in the bath. OMFG, Alan! You are so dramatic! You need to chill out with Mr. Bubble and a rubber ducky before you come back to "Wilkommen" us.

Elaine Hendrix Wants You to Be Ashamed of Yourself
It’s Just Sex, the steamy off-Broadway romp starring Elaine Hendrix, is about three couples who get together for an innocent cocktail party, but soon start drinking, telling secrets and swapping partners. You know, just another wholesome evening at the theater. But don't get your panties in a bunch, Hendrix promises that it's a "great date night show" and is guaranteed to make you feel "sexy, naughty and a little ashamed." Hmm, consider us interested.

Matthew James Thomas Says Even Princes Get Pimples
From Katy Perry to Justin Bieber, a ton of celebs have shared their totally embarrassing and relatable zit nightmares by becoming spokespeople for the popular acne medication, Proactiv. But it's time for another Broadway star to shill for the blemish-busting face wash! Pippin star Matthew James Thomas told us he's obsessed with Proactiv because it "saved" his skin. Put your best face forward, Matthew, and find your own "Corner of the Skincare" line! That's the song, right?

Steve Kazee Is a Major Junk Food Junkie
File this under Things We're Not Complaining About: Tony winner Steve Kazee has been blowing up our Instagram feed with photos of him getting ripped at the gym. The former Once star says he's getting buff because he wants to do Broadway Bares next year, but he confesses that he "loves bad food." What's his worst vice? "One of my real guilty pleasures is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. But I love cake, cookies, fudge, you name it." Easy, Stevie, sounds like you're falling slowly into a serious junk food spiral.

Laura Osnes' Chihuahua Has an Expensive Shoe Fetish
Cinderella star Laura Osnes gets the royal treatment eight times a week when she becomes Broadway's favorite fairy-tale princess, but it seems like her pet Chihuahua Lyla has a little bit of her own princess complex. The Tony nominee revealed that when Lyla was a puppy, she "gnawed away" on her friend’s $150 Steve Madden shoes and "destroyed" them. This is what happens when you don't get all of your shoes custom made out of glass. Paging Stuart Weitzman!

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