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Oprah Wants a Standing O, Josh Gad is Slimming Down for Fantine and More Lessons of the Week

Oprah Wants a Standing O, Josh Gad is Slimming Down for Fantine and More Lessons of the Week
Read on for the top 10 lessons learned this week on Broadway!

It's Friday, and we've gotta get down with 10 of our favorite lessons learned from this week on Broadway. From a diva tour de force to a lovelorn Tony winner to a slew of Matilda geniuses, we learned plenty over the last few days—and hopefully you did, too. But if, say, hypothetically, you didn't pick up on these 10 facts, here's a refresher for what you missed this week.

Oprah Can See the Future, And It Says Brooooadwaaaaay
The Queen of Daytime TV could soon become the Queen of Broadway, if mega-mogul Oprah Winfrey gets her way! The star of the new flick The Butler appears to be beefing up her acting resume; she recently told reporters, “Broadway is definitely in my future.” Good Gayle, we hope so. Oprah on Broadway means one thing and one thing only: You get a Tony! You get a Tony! Everyone gets a Tooooonnnyyy!

The Internet Loves a Good Diva…Or 19 of Them
Times Square hotspot 54 Below got a big boost of publicity this week when a video of Christina Bianco’s concert act went viral. In the clip, the NEWsical alum performs “Total Eclipse of the Heart” as Liza Minnelli, Patti LuPone, Kristin Chenoweth, Bernadette Peters and a host of other grand dames. With more than two million views in just five days, it’s pretty evident why this glam medley has exploded all over your Facebook feed. After cat videos, "Call Me Maybe" and Instagrams of brunch, the Internet's fourth favorite subject is DIVAS!

Santino Fontana Had an Earnest Carb Binge
Among Cinderella star Santino Fontana’s favorite roles is one that sounds downright delicious. In his Role Call, Fontana acknowledged that the part of Algernon in The Importance of Being Earnest was among his favorites, particularly because “I got to each a bunch of carbs—four muffins and eight sandwiches—every night.” You may be thinking, how is that possible? Santino is so skinny! Well, it's pretty obvious that on top of being earnest, Fontana knows the importance of being a gym rat. Yo, Prince Charming, you got a protein shake, bro?

Willy Wonka Has a Little Thriller In Him
Douglas Hodge found some unexpected inspiration for his take on Willy Wonka in the West End’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. “In thinking about the part, I certainly looked at Michael Jackson as far as someone who had a separateness and an innocence and a childishness,” said Hodge. Ohhh, so Willy Wonka is Michael Jackson?! Finally, an explanation for the candy-coated show’s big production numbers “Black or White Chocolate,” “Oompa Loompa in the Mirror,” and “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough (Skittles).” 

Julie White Wants to Outsource Her Love Life
Tony winner and new Vanya and Sonia star Julie White is looking for the hook-up, and she wants to find it on reality TV. “I wish they would do The Bachelorette for old people,” White told us. “I want ABC to find me an age-appropriate husband, like they just did for Desiree.” Let’s be frank: White is still as spry as ever, but we’re intrigued at the idea of a more mature rose ceremony. “Do you, Julie, accept this basket of dinner rolls and this VHS copy of Cocoon?”

Sierra Boggess Wants Some Old School Romance
While prepping for her concert Awakening at 54 BelowSierra Boggess got giddy when she confessed her love for her grandparents’ old-fashioned romance. “They had that 1940s love that just doesn’t exist anymore,” gushed the former Phantom star. “It’s magical. It’s the thing that plays are written about.” You hear that, Tam Mutu? Your fiancée wants the golden oldies treatment. Better call Julie White!

Krysta and Zac Didn’t Watch Each Other’s TV Shows
He was on Chuck, she was on Smash, and their DVRs were never set to record either. In the latest First Date video blog, stars Krysta Rodriguez and Zachary Levi confessed to never having watched each other’s big TV breakout show, which is certainly a shame since both Chuck and Smash were off the charts funny. Except, only one was a comedy. The other had a drugged-out angel wandering out of the Shubert Theatre to buy alcohol in Times Square. Still funny, just not intentionally.

Everyone Wants to Be Miss Hannigan
Two different stars spilled to us this week that their dream Broadway role is none other than Annie’s malevolent headmistress, Miss Hannigan. Community’s Yvette Nicole Brown and stage vet and daughter of you-know-who Lorna Luft both shared their interest in taking on the villain, who obviously has quite the appeal. What is it about Aggie that’s so gosh darn enchanting? Is it the vicious treatment of orphans? The illicit romance with laundrymen? Or maybe just the booze?

There’s No Place Like Horror for Christine Ebersole
The new season of American Horror Story has added yet another Broadway face to the coven: Tony winner Christine Ebersole, who will play a “Good Witch-type of gal,” said creator Ryan Murphy. We’re on board, especially because Ebersole is inspired casting for a Glinda who’s a little more…seasoned. Sure, she’s got a few more bubble miles on her and her wand may have undergone a little wear and tear, but we’re all for this S-T-A-U-N-C-H witch!

Josh Gad Is On the Miserables Diet
Tony nominee Josh Gad is starring in just about everything, and he's got a new slimmed-down look to go with his red-hot career. The former Mormon said he lost more than 30 pounds by cutting down his daily meals from about 18 to five (only five!?). Gad joked on Twitter that he has to "get in shape for my next Broadway run," but he said he's not losing weight for any particular project. Yeah, right. Egg whites? Almonds? We've heard that before. Gad is totally gearing up to play Fantine! Anne Hathaway, better loosen your grip on that Oscar, girl.

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