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Neil Patrick Harris Makes a Mean Marg, Patrick Stewart Wishes He Could Use a Comb & More Lessons of the Week

Neil Patrick Harris Makes a Mean Marg, Patrick Stewart Wishes He Could Use a Comb & More Lessons of the Week
Fantasia, Lea Michele and Josh Groban made headlines this week.

The polar vortex has been trying to take NYC down, but we won’t let that stop us from passing on some pretty fascinating lessons from our favorite stars. We discovered, for instance, that Sirs can get jealous over good hair, and that Mexico is totally where it’s at for Broadway peeps. Read on for more tidbits of knowledge gleaned from the week's headlines at

Sir Patrick Stewart Hates His Weave
Stylish women dream of getting a weave like that of, say, Beyonce, but Patrick Stewart covets his co-star Ian McKellen’s silver locks. In their joint Ask a Star, the smooth-headed Stewart admitted he would rather not wear a wig in No Man’s Land and said he’s super jealous of McKellen’s flowing hair. Personally, we think he should be jealous of Sir Ian’s Uggs. #GetIt

Neil Patrick Harris + Tequila = Instagram Magic
What’s a family vacay in Mexico if you’re not downing 19 margaritas in one sitting? Hedwig star Neil Patrick Harris agrees! His Instagram hilariously documented every last sip of that blurry trip to Margaritaville (sombrero and all). We hope NPH didn’t text any exes, and if we take him out for tacos in NYC this spring, we’re snatching that phone!

We Should All Have Been in Mexico Last Week
We totally wish we could’ve seen Señor NPH’s marg fest in person, and then we realized we also missed BFFs Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff's south-of-the-border jaunt?! When the Spring Awakening pals posted bestie-beach-bod selfies with a scenic Mexican landscape, our hearts broke a little. Also, now we have to go to the gym…in the cold. Ay caramba!

Lesli Margherita Smells Like a Theater Nerd
Matilda star Lesli Margherita is one of the most outrageously quirky gals on Broadway, but we never knew she rose from theater geekdom! In this week's Looks not Books outtakes, she even admitted to owning Phantom perfume. We’re creepily wondering: Does Au de Raoul-scented Queen Lesli also own the Etsy Phantom bra?

Chex Mix Trumps Valium (And Has a Twitter Account)
So, you’re super anxious. You go to yoga, take a bath, maybe get a pedicure...and make your own Chex Mix? That’s what Justin Vivian Bond does! The A Man's Man performer told that roasting Chex Mix (and eating it, yum!) is strangely calming. Plus, opening up to us got Bond a shout-out on Twitter from Chex Mix itself! Yeah, snack foods love Twitter. Duh.

Show-mances CAN Last
Remember when you stage-managed Oklahoma! and hooked up with Curly until things got "complicated"? Just us? Ok, well, Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner offered a happy life lesson when they announced that they recently wed! If they can collaborate on Tony-honored shows, work together for more than 40 years and end up getting married, you and your community theater co-star can date longer than a week.

Josh Groban Is an Undercover Lea Michele
Lea Michele has been (not so) subtly campaigning to star in Funny Girl for ages, but now Josh Groban is dropping hints about his future on Broadway. The golden-voiced crooner performs show tunes in concert and even told Andy Cohen on WWHL he’ll be in a new Broadway show within the next two years. Um, hello: Houdini has a vacancy, Josh. Abracadabra!

If You Listen, It Will Come (If You’re Fantasia)
You may not believe in fate, but Fantasia Barrino told she went through a period of being obsessed with jazz music right before she got cast in After Midnight. Sounds like some divine intervention. It may also explain why staffers listen to Lady Gaga’s "Beautiful and Dirty Rich" on repeat…

Rappers Aren’t Too Hardcore for Broadway
Things will never be the same when Death Row Records arrives on the Great White Way with the new Tupac Shakur musical Holler If You Hear Me. We don’t know how the late Tupac would have felt about his West Coast cred repping on an East Coast stage, but we can tell you "all eyez" will be on the Palace Theatre come June. That’s just the way it is.

You Can Totally Announce a Reunion Concert WIthout Reuniting the Stars
A 10-year-reunion concert of Taboo is happening at 54 Below, but where are all the stars? Boy George, Euan Morton and Raul Esparaza killed as leads in the original, but they were not announced for the concert. We love Taboo, and we're happy some of the cast is on board, but it feels like a tribute not a reunion if the stars aren't there. Dear Euan/George/Raul, do you really want to hurt us? Sign on, please! We're 'petrified!'

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