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Sutton Foster Is a Dirty Dinosaur, Josh Gad Has a Sexy Quinoa Crush & More Lessons of the Week

Sutton Foster Is a Dirty Dinosaur, Josh Gad Has a Sexy Quinoa Crush & More Lessons of the Week
Josh Gad loves sexy, sexy quinoa, Katy Perry is a total Betty and more lessons of the week.’s Friday! It’s time for’s ridiculous recap of all of the wild, wacky and strange stuff that happened this week. From Sutton Foster’s (kinda unhygienic) grooming habits to Idina Menzel’s favorite pick-me-up exercise routine, we discovered a lot of interesting tidbits this week. Ready to find out what we learned? Check it all out below!

Sutton Foster Doesn't Wash Her Hair
The Tony-winning star is amazing at many things: Eight-minute tap routines, singing her face off, Velociraptor impressions...the list is endless. But one thing she’s not so good at? Showering. While playing a mountain woman in Violet, she’s been instructed to only wash her hair once a week. In a word, ew.

Josh Gad Has a Quinoa Sex Fantasy
Wanna know why the Mormon and Frozen favorite has been looking so svelte lately? Actress-slash-newly-minted-diet-guru Cameron Diaz made him fall in love with quinoa. Like, in a creepy way: He loves quinoa so much, he wants to make a quinoa sex tape. Quinoa sex, forgoing shampoo...what is up with you guys this week?

Sierra Boggess’ Wig is 11,000 Years Old
We figured the costumes and props at the long running mega-musical The Phantom of the Opera were a little dusty, but we never realized they belong in a museum! According to always-accurate leading lady Sierra Boggess, her wig is an 11,000-year-old relic. Wow, that’s almost prehistoric! (Cue Sutton Foster Velociraptor impression.)

Kyle Dean Massey Didn't Make the Cut
You’d think Pippin stud Kyle Dean Massey would have gotten an early acceptance letter from every college musical theater program in the country, but on Show People, the star admitted that at first, he didn’t get in anywhere. This is ridiculous, y'all.

Idina Menzel Walks to Cure the Blues
What does If/Then star Idina Menzel do when she’s feeling down? She puts on her walking shoes and takes a stroll around New York City—by the time she’s walked about 20 blocks, she feels much better. Hmm. We’d rather sit in bed and eat Chunky Monkey, but whatever.

Never Order Sushi at a Diner
The stars of Pump Boys and Dinettes have been spending a lot of time at truck stops and gas stations, so we asked them to name the best and worst things to order at a diner. It’s fine to order fries and pie, but apparently the sushi might not be a good idea. Thanks guys, we’ll just keep getting our sushi at Duane Reade.

Matt Harrington Can Hack Into Anything
Instead of spending his childhood years doing awful children’s theater and taking tap-dancing lessons like most aspiring actors, Matilda star Matt Harrington was busy sneaking onto planes and hacking into his school’s computer network. Hey, sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty.

Saycon Sengbloh Is a Dog Stealer
When she’s not embroiled in a love triangle onstage in Holler If Ya Hear Me, Saycon Sengbloh is apparently plotting to steal Ben Thompson’s dog. As we found out this week during’s backstage tour of the Palace Theatre, Sengbloh simply can’t be trusted with pups—if the Pampered Pooches of Broadway go missing, we know where to look.

Captain Hook Needs More Cowbell
NBC has announced the first star of the Peter Pan Live telecast, and that star is...Christopher Walken, who will play Captain Hook! Yeah, it’s not what we were expecting either, but at least he’s got prior experience playing guys with no hands on Broadway. He’s got a fever, and the only prescription is a hook for a hand! OK, OK, we’ll stop.

Katy Perry Might Be Totally Clueless
Amy Heckerling announced that she’s working on a Clueless musical, possibly starring Katy Perry. We’re totally buggin’—Perry is a total Betty, but what about Annaleigh Ashford or Jenni Barber? Will Paul Rudd, who looks virtually the same as he did 20 years ago, reprise his role as Josh? Will we ever break in our purple clogs? WE HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!

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