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The Snow Geese TICKETS - Broadway

The Snow Geese

— Manhattan Theatre Club and MCC co-present the world premiere of Sharr White's drama, starring Mary-Louise Parker.


With World War I raging abroad, newly widowed Elizabeth Gaesling gathers her family for their annual shooting party to mark the opening of hunting season in rural, upstate New York. But Elizabeth is forced to confront a new reality as her carefree eldest son comes to terms with his impending deployment overseas and her younger son discovers that the father they all revered left them deeply in debt. Together, the family must let go of the life they’ve always known.

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What is The Snow Geese Like?
Depleted family fortunes, parental favoritism, sibling rivalry, prejudice against German-Americans during World War I, the horrors of war and the struggle to overcome grief are at the center of Sharr White’s new Chekhovian play. Elizabeth Gaesling, played by Tony and Emmy winner Mary-Louise Parker ...

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Samuel J Friedman Theatre
261 West 47th Street New York, NY