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Vivian Beaumont Theater


Oslo, Vivian Beaumont Theater, NYC Show Poster
Vivian Beaumont Theater

150 West 65th Street
New York, NY 10023

2hrs, 55mins
1 Intermission
Important Dates
Mar 23, 2017
Apr 13, 2017
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A darkly comic epic that brings dozens of diplomats and world leaders together.


<I>Oslo</I> Star Jennifer Ehle Rooted for Someone Else the Night She Won Her First Tony Award


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Oslo tells the true—albeit little known—story of Norwegian diplomat Mona Juul and her husband, Terje Rød-Larsen, who together coordinated top-secret peace negotiations between Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat in the early 1990s. Their efforts culminated in the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993.

Cast & Creative


  • Terje Rød-Larsen
  • Mona Juul
    Jennifer Ehle
  • Uri Savir
    Michael Aronov
  • Ahmed Qurie
    Anthony Azizi
  • Yossi Beilin
  • Ron Pundak/Jan Egeland
    Daniel Jenkins
  • Trond Gunderson/German Husband
    Jeb Kreager
  • Hassan Asfour
    Dariush Kashani
  • Shimon Peres/Yair Hirshfeld
    Daniel Oreskes
  • Marianne Holst/Toril Grandal
    Henny Russell
  • Jonah Jorgen Holst/Finn Grandal
    T. Ryder Smith
  • American Diplomat/Thor Bjornevog
    Christopher McHale
  • German Wife
    Angela Pierce
  • Joel Singer
    Jeff Still


  • Written by
    J.T. Rogers
  • Director
    Bartlett Sher
  • Set Designer
    Michael Yeargan
  • Costume Designer
    Catherine Zuber
  • Lighting Designer
    Donald Holder
  • Sound Designer
    Peter John Still
  • Projection Designer
    59 Productions