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The Broadway Channel logo
is the premiere network
for Broadway content, reaching millions of theater fans through
a wide spectrum of media outlets.
NYC skyline
Reaching NYC tourists the minute they arrive.
The Broadway Channel airs 24 hours a day in 100+ New York City hotels,
reaching over 1.5 million guests monthly.
Other media distribution partners include:
AMERICAN AIRLINES logoProgramming featured on nearly 6,700 flights per day to nearly 350 destinations in 50+ countries, with a potential viewing reach of 2.9 million passengers monthly.
CABLEVISION logoOn-demand programming reaching 2.6 million cable subscribers in New York
tri-state area and portions
of Pennsylvania.
RCN logoLinear cable channel reaching hotels and approximately 100,000 home subscribers in Manhattan area.
VERIZON logoOn-demand programming reaching 1.22 million NYC cable subscribers and 5 million home subscribers nationwide.
T MOBILE logoProgramming available to subscribers on 13 million mobile devices.
SPRINT logoProgramming available to subscribers on 7 million mobile devices.
SAMSUNG logoProgramming on app
available on 10 million
televisions and blu-ray
players worldwide.
LG logoProgramming on app available on 20 million televisions
For more information on advertising opportunities, please email us at