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Amber Riley, Joshua Henry & More Celebrate Their Swinging Time in Cotton Club Parade at Encores!

Cotton Club Parade-Amber Riley
For her New York stage debut, Amber Riley gives a beautiful, energetic and powerfully sung performance.

About This Gallery

The cast of Encores! Cotton Club Parade celebrated their final performance at New York City Center on November 18, 2012.

Photographer: Jenny Anderson, ©

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Cotton Club Parade- Amber Riley- Warren Carlyle- Joshua Henry- Adriane Lenox-
Cotton Club Parade-Amber Riley
Cotton Club Parade- Adriane Lenox- Joshua Henry
Cotton Club Parade- Karine Plantadit- Jared Grimes
Cotton Club Parade- Warren Carlyle and Adriane Lenox
Cotton Club Parade- C.K. Edwards- Amber Riley- Christopher Broughton- T. Oliver Reid- La Tanya Hall
Cotton Club Parade- Justin Bowen- Amber Riley- Warren Carlyle
Cotton Club Parade- Candice Monet McCall- Erin N. Moore- Monique Smith- Marielys Molina- Karine Plantadit
Cotton Club Parade- Jack Viertel – Ted Chapin- Warren Carlyle
Cotton Club Parade-Amber Riley- Joshua Henry- Adriane Lenox
Cotton Club Parade- Amber Riley- Warren Carlyle