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Politics and Pals! Go Inside the Closing Night Party of Fiorello!

Fiorello!- Kate Baldwin- Danny Rutigliano- Erin Dilly
Kate Baldwin and Erin Dilly played La Guardia’s first and second wife. Here the two ladies are fighting over their man. Congrats, all!

About This Gallery

Encores! Fiorello! celebrates its closing night at New York City Center on February 3, 2013.

Photographer: Jenny Anderson, ©

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Fiorello!- Danny Rutigliano- Erin Dilly
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Fiorello!- Kate Baldwin- Danny Rutigliano- Erin Dilly- Jenn Gambatese
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Fiorello!- Sheldon Harnick- Kate Baldwin
Fiorello!- Kate Baldwin- Danny Rutigliano- Erin Dilly