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Politics and Pals! Go Inside the Closing Night Party of Fiorello!

Fiorello!-Erin Dilly- Karen Ziemba
Erin Dilly shares a hug with fellow Broadway star Karen Ziemba.

About This Gallery

Encores! Fiorello! celebrates its closing night at New York City Center on February 3, 2013.

Photographer: Jenny Anderson, ©

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Fiorello!- Danny Rutigliano- Erin Dilly
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Fiorello!- Kate Baldwin- Danny Rutigliano- Erin Dilly- Jenn Gambatese
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Fiorello!-Erin Dilly- Karen Ziemba
Fiorello!- Sheldon Harnick- Kate Baldwin
Fiorello!- Kate Baldwin- Danny Rutigliano- Erin Dilly