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So Long, Superman! Inside the Closing Night Festivities of Encores!' Superhero Musical

Superman- Jenny Powers- Edward Watts
Time warp! Check out how different (but just as nice) Jenny Powers and Edward Watts look at the closing night party.

About This Gallery

The Encores! revival of It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superman played its final performance on March 24, 2013.

Photographer: Jenny Anderson, ©

Other Photos in this Gallery

Superman-  David Pittu- Jenny Powers- Edward Watts- Will Swenson
Superman- Jenny Powers- Edward Watts
Superman- Jenny Powers- Edward Watts
Superman- Will Swenson- David Pittu
Superman- John Rando – Joshua Bergasse
Superman- Jenny Powers- Alli Mauzey
Superman- Adam Monley – Paige
Superman- Will Swenson- Edward Watts- David Pittu
Superman- Matt Cavenaugh – Jenny Powers
Superman- Ensemble Guys
Superman- Alli Mauzey- Will Swenson
Superman- Sheldon Harrnick – Lee Adams
Superman- Will Swenson- David Pittu- Joshua Bergasse- Adam Monley- Rob Berman
Superman- Ensemble
Superman- Edward Watts- Joshua Bergasse- The Flying Lings