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Sutton Foster, Joshua Henry & More Celebrate Their ThrillingViolet Concert

Violet-  Violet Cast
The cast of Violet and the Songs of Solomon gospel choir walk out to waves of applause and cheers from the audience at New York City Center.

About This Gallery

Sutton Foster and Joshua Henry starred in Encores! one-night-only presentation of Violet on July 17, 2013.

Photographer: Jenny Anderson, ©

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Violet-  Violet Cast
Violet-  Sutton Foster
Violet- Sutton Foster- Joshua Henry
Violet- Sutton Foster
Violet- Van Hughes- Michael Park- Joshua Henry- Michael McElroy
Violet-  Brian Crawley- Jeanine Tesori- Leigh Silverman
Violet- Hunter Foster- Sutton Foster
Violet-  Kevin Burrows- Christopher Sieber
Violet- Rema Webb- Keala Settle- Anastacia McCleskey
Violet- Austin Lesch- Paul Whitty
Violet- Chris Sullivan- Emerson Steele
Violet- Keala Settle- George C. Wolfe
Violet- Sutton Foster- Van Hughes
Violet- Christopher Sieber- Rema Webb- Keala Settle- Anastacia McCleskey
Violet- Sutton Foster- Emerson Steele
Violet- Chris Sullivan- Joshua Henry- Van Hughes
 Violet- Hunter Foster- Keala Settle
Violet- Brian Crawley- Jeanine Tesori-Sutton Foster