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Sutton Foster, Joshua Henry & More Celebrate Their ThrillingViolet Concert

Violet- Austin Lesch- Paul Whitty
Violet supporting players Austin Lesch and Paul Whitty take in the festivities.

About This Gallery

Sutton Foster and Joshua Henry starred in Encores! one-night-only presentation of Violet on July 17, 2013.

Photographer: Jenny Anderson, ©

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Violet-  Violet Cast
Violet-  Sutton Foster
Violet- Sutton Foster- Joshua Henry
Violet- Sutton Foster
Violet- Van Hughes- Michael Park- Joshua Henry- Michael McElroy
Violet-  Brian Crawley- Jeanine Tesori- Leigh Silverman
Violet- Hunter Foster- Sutton Foster
Violet-  Kevin Burrows- Christopher Sieber
Violet- Rema Webb- Keala Settle- Anastacia McCleskey
Violet- Austin Lesch- Paul Whitty
Violet- Chris Sullivan- Emerson Steele
Violet- Keala Settle- George C. Wolfe
Violet- Sutton Foster- Van Hughes
Violet- Christopher Sieber- Rema Webb- Keala Settle- Anastacia McCleskey
Violet- Sutton Foster- Emerson Steele
Violet- Chris Sullivan- Joshua Henry- Van Hughes
 Violet- Hunter Foster- Keala Settle
Violet- Brian Crawley- Jeanine Tesori-Sutton Foster