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Roundabout's After Miss Julie, Starring Sienna Miller, Prepares to Take the Stage

Think last season was packed with big names on Broadway? You ain't seen nothing yet. The stars seem to be falling all over The Great White Way recently, and two more have just landed at Roundabout Theatre Company's American Airlines Theater: Sienna Miller and Johnny Lee Miller. The Millers (unrelated, despite the shared last name) will take the stage in The Roundabout's After Miss Julie, a new interpretation of August Strindberg's classic play about class and sex. Reimagined by playwright Patrick Marber and directed by helmer Mark Brokaw, the twisted tale of Miss Julie, who finds a simple flirtation can quickly turn dangerous, also stars recent Tony Award nominee Marin Ireland. The production's trio of stars and its stellar creative team assembled on September 8 to introduce itself to Broadway, before diving back into rehearsals in anticipation of the show's first preview on September 18 (opening night is scheduled for October 22). Want to meet the newest stars on Broadway? Click on for a closer look!

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