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Annie - Broadway

An all-new production of one of the most acclaimed musicals of the past 35 years!

Andrea McArdle, Bernadette Peters and More Welcome Lilla Crawford and the Cast of Annie to Broadway

Annie- Lilla Crawford
Annie’s title star Lilla Crawford makes her big entrance down Warbucks’ grand staircase.

About This Gallery

James Lapine's Annie revival opened at Broadway's Palace Theatre on November 8, 2012.

Photographer: Bruce Glikas, ©

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Annie- Lilla Crawford
Annie- Lilla Crawford
Annie- Anthony Warlow
Annie- Katie Finneran
Annie-Taylor Richardson- Madi Rae DiPietro- Tyrah Skye Odoms- Georgi James- Junah Jang- Emily Rosenfeld
Annie-Clark Thorell- Anthony Warlow- Lilla Crawford- Sunny- Katie Finneran- Brynn O’Malley
Annie- Lilla Crawford- Sunny
Annie- Katie Finneran- Charles Strouse- Sunny- Lilla Crawford- Thomas Meehan- Brynn O’Malley- Martin Charnin- Taylor Richardson
Annie- Andy Blankenbuehler- James Lapine
Annie-Thomas Meehan- Charles Strouse- Martin Charnin
Annie- Lilla Crawford
Annie- Katie Finneran- Clarke Thorell- J. Elaine Marcos
Annie- Anthony Warlow- Brynn O’Malley
Annie- Casey- Sunny- Bill Berloni
Annie- Andrea McArdle- Lilla Crawford
Annie- Sadie Sink- Emily Rosenfeld- Georgi James- Jaidyn Young
 Annie- Bernadette Peters
Annie- Georgia Fumusa- Jennifer Westfeldt-
Annie- Lin-Manuel Miranda  - Luis Miranda
Annie- Tony Sheldon
Annie- Lilla Crawford- Laura Osnes
 Annie- Jim Gaffigan- Jeannie Noth- Katie Louise - Marre
Annie- Katie Finneran- Caroline Rhea
Annie- Shelly Burch – Martin Charnin
Annie-Bobby Moynihan- Brynn O’Malley
Annie- Elly Blankenbuehler - Sofia- Luca -Andy Blankenbuehler
Annie-Amanda Lea LaVergne- Ryan VanDenBoom-Jane Blass- Desi Oakley- Ashley Blanchet- David Rossetii
Annie- Andrea Burns – Peter Flynn- Hudson
Annie- Brynn O’Malley – Lilla Crawford
Annie- Izzy-Arielle Tepper Madover -Ian Madover
Annie- Carolyn  Meehan- Thomas Meehan
Annie- Anita Gillette and Jamie deRoy
Annie- Jerry Mitchell
Annie-Thomas Meehan- Andrea McArdle- Anthony Warlow
Annie- Eva Price and Steve Guttenberg
Annie- Amy Irving - Kenneth Bowser
 Annie- Charles Strouse and family
Annie- David Korins- Susan Hilferty
Annie- Daryl Roth and Family
Annie- Brittany Portman - Martin Charnin- Marissa O’Donnell
 Annie- Anne L Nathan- David Turner
Annie-Keven Quillon-  Kacie Sheik
Annie- Tyrah Skye Odoms- James Lapine- Junah Jang
 Annie- Gavin Lodge – Todd Ellison
Annie- Darren Goldstein – Katie Finneran - Family
Annie- Liz McCartney - Tom Moynahan - Megan - Kiera
Annie- Jill Valentine – Nick Caccavo
Annie- Craig Burns- Cade Bittner
Annie- X – Jeremy Davis
Annie- Katie Finneran – Richard Kind
Annie- Lucy Simon
Annie- Merwin Foard
Annie-Dennis Stowe – Brynn O’Malley
Annie- Madi Rae DiPietro- Sadie Sink- Georgi James- Lilla Crawford- Katie Finneran-Taylor Richardson-Jaidyn Young- Emily Rosenfeld -Tyrah Skye Odoms- Junah Jang
Annie- Lilla Crawford – Sunny
Annie- Anthony Warlow- Lilla Crawford
Annie- Katie Finneran- Lilla Crawford
 Annie- The Palace Theatre