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Anulla (Off-Broadway) Story

Anulla is a play by Emily Mann about the life of Anulla Allen, who lived as a Jew but "passed" as Aryan during the Nazi regime in Germany. The play is structured as an interview, during the course of which we discover all that this passionate woman has seen and experienced. A Polish Jew married to an Austrian Jew, she managed to elude the authorities, and even get her husband released from Dachau. Decades ahead of her time, she dreamt of starting the first political Women's Party as early as 1939, and actually wrote her own six-hour play on the subject of her life. Constantly moving as a child, she learned seven languages, finally settling in London as a grown woman, which she adored. The entire interview takes place in her history-packed London kitchen, as she prepares dinner for her bed-ridden sister.
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