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Cherry Lane Theatre


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Asuncion, Cherry Lane Theatre, NYC Show Poster
Cherry Lane Theatre

38 Commerce St.
New York, NY 10014

Important Dates
Oct 12, 2011
Oct 27, 2011
Dec 18, 2011
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Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Bartha star in Eisenberg's play about two young men set on demonstrating how open-minded they truly are.

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What Is the Story of Asuncion?
Asuncion follows Edgar, a socially awkward former college student and unmotivated aspiring journalist living with Vinny, his onetime pot-smoking teacher’s assistant at an upstate New York university. Edgar’s brother Stuart, a Wall Street executive, arrives at their apartment unannounced with news that he has married a Filipino woman named Asuncion, whom he met online. Stuart is hesitant to reveal full details about their courtship and begs Edgar and Vinny to let Asuncion live with them for a week, no questions asked. Edgar suspects Asuncion may be a former sex worker and begins interviewing her about her life in hopes of proving his theory

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What Is Asuncion Like?
Asuncion takes place in the rundown apartment where Edgar and Vinny live. Vinny spends his time smoking pot and creating music with Edgar hanging on to his every word. When Asuncion arrives, the trio spends much of their time partying on the couch. The fast-paced, humorous discussions (some intelligent, some ignorant) often include such subjects as American’s global relationship with other countries, race relations and various social injustices.

Is Asuncion Good for Kids?
Asuncion is not recommended for children. There is frequent talk of sex slaves and the acts they perform. The characters smoke a lot of marijuana and spend a night tripping on LSD. There are also plenty of expletives.