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Bare - Off-Broadway

A rock musical following teens as they wrestle with their identities.

Exclusive Photos! Bare’s Cast and Creative Team Leads the Off-Broadway Fight for NOH8

Bare - NOH8 - Taylor Trensch - Jason Hite
Taylor Trensch and Jason Hite, who play star-crossed lovers in Bare, join together to promote NOH8.

About This Gallery

'Bare' stars Taylor Trensch, Jason Hite and more join the NOH8 silent protest.


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Bare - NOH8 - Taylor Trensch - Jason Hite
Bare - NOH8 - cast
Bare - NOH8 - Lynn Shankel - Stafford Arima - Jon Hartmere - Travis Wall - Jenn Rapp
Bare - NOH8 - Travis Wall
Bare - NOH8 - Stafford Arima