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Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo Critics' Reviews

"Dark and disturbing but also corrosively funny, Rajiv Joseph’s play set during the early days of the Iraq War is an exotic original."

Review by David Rooney from The Hollywood Reporter

"[Robin Williams] gives a performance of focused intelligence and integrity, embodying the animal who becomes the play’s questioning conscience with a savage bite that never loosens its grip"

Review by Charles Isherwood from The New York Times

"It's the most original drama written about the Iraq War. Joseph's metaphoric inventiveness is magnificently displayed throughout, and the kaleidoscope of figures and images bespeaks a purely theatrical imagination. "

Review by Chris McNulty from Los Angeles Times

"There is much to admire in the play, including its commentary on war and its aftershocks on both soldiers and civilians. Most of all, the sheer theatricality of Joseph's work makes it worth celebrating. "

Review by Joe Dziemianowicz from New York Daily News

"It's not often that you hear voices like these on a Broadway stage, and Bengal Tiger gives them vivid, compelling life."

Review by Elysa Gardner from USA Today

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