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Betrayal, Ethel Barrymore Theatre, NYC Show Poster


Ethel Barrymore Theatre

1hr, 30mins (0 Intermissions)

This show has closed.

Betrayal Story

What Is the Story of Betrayal?
Betrayal explores the evolving relationships between three people: Robert, a book publisher; Emma, his wife; and Jerry, a literary agent and Robert’s best friend. Jerry, who was the best man at the couple’s wedding, falls head over heels for Emma at a party, and unbeknownst to Robert (at first), the pair carry on an illicit affair right under his nose. The lovers rent a separate apartment and see each other in the afternoons, even though they are both married with kids (Judith, Jerry’s wife, is never seen in the course of the play). Throughout the next seven years, Emma and Jerry discover they, too, are being deceived, and after the excitement of being in love wears away, they must grapple with the aftermath.