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American Airlines Theatre

Set during the golden age of Hollywood, The Big Knife follows film star Charlie Castle, whose studio has been forced to cover up a mistake that could have ended his career. When a woman with insider knowledge threatens to come forward, the studio heads will stop at nothing to protect Charlie's secret. Charlie must decide what lengths he's willing to go to before just quitting the business for good.

This show is closed.

Performances ended on Jun. 2, 2013.

American Airlines Theatre

227 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

Previews Mar 22, 2013
Opening Apr 16, 2013
Closing Jun 2, 2013


What is the Story of The Big Knife?
Set in the golden age of Hollywood, The Big Knife tells the story of successful movie star Charlie Castle, who is faced with a pivotal career-shaping decision: Should he renew his contract with the studio (and its manipulative chief Marcus Hoff) or heed his wife’s wishes and do away with Hollywood for good? As he struggles to make a choice, a struggling actress with insider knowledge of an accident involving Charlie may prove to be the most persuasive voice in his life.

Critics' Reviews

"The Big Knife’s first Broadway revival is muscular, moody and stylish, with a mostly solid cast under Doug Hughes’s shrewd direction."

Review by David Cote from Time Out NY

"...the fine ensemble in this Roundabout production brings new life to the age-old story of artists trapped by the glitter of commercial success."

Review by Mark Kennedy from Associated Press

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