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Billy Elliot - Broadway

A life-affirming musical about a young boy beating all odds to fulfill his dream.

London Mayor Boris Johnson Pays a Visit to the Stage-Brits of Billy Elliot

London Mayor Boris Johnson at Billy Elliot - Boris Johnson

London Mayor Boris Johnson is just one of many politicians who've made a stop at Broadway's "Billy Elliot." Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have also nabbed backstage visits at the hit show.

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Ten-time Tony Award winning musical Billy Elliot may have originally opened on the London stage over four years ago, but that doesn't mean the hit show's razzle-dazzle appeal has worn off on the locals. In fact, Billy has so much staying power that London Mayor Boris Johnson checked out the powerhouse Broadway production during his New York City visit on September 13. Johnson couldn't resist hopping backstage for a quick visit with the stars, especially when original West End-er and countrywoman Haydn Gwynne was available for a post-show chat. Johnson also gave his blessing to two departing title stars: Kiril Kulish, who exits the production on October 3, and Tommy Batchelor, who'll hit the road as one of the touring cast's three stars in March 2010. Gwynne herself will soon be headed back to Johnson's London, as she leaves the production on October 6. Click on to shake hands with the mayor!

Photographer: Bruce Glikas, ©

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London Mayor Boris Johnson at Billy Elliot - Boris Johnson
London Mayor Boris Johnson at Billy Elliot - Kiril Kulish - Tommy Batchelor - Boris Johnson - Hadyn Gwynne