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Carrie - Off-Broadway

The musical version of Stephen King's classic novel returns.

Marin Mazzie and Molly Ranson Electrify at Carrie's Off-Broadway Opening

Carrie- Walter Bobbie and Dean Pitchford
Venus in Fur director Walter Bobbie congratulates Carrie lyricist Dean Pitchford.

About This Gallery

MCC's revamped Carrie musical opened on March 1 at the Lucille Lortel Theatre.

Photographer: Bruce Glikas, ©

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Carrie - Marin Mazzie and Molly Ranson
Carrie- Molly Ranson and Marin Mazzie
Carrie - Marin Mazzie, Molly Ranson, Stafford Arima, Dean Pitchford, Michael Gore and Lawrence D. Cohen
Carrie - Stafford Arima, Molly Ranson, Jen Sese
Carrie- Stafford Arima, Dean Pitchford, Michael Gore and Lawrence D. Cohen
Carrie - vigil
Carrie- Robert Lupone, Will Cantler, Blake West and Bernie Telsey
Carrie -  Molly Ranson and Marin Mazzie
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Carrie - Kim Cattrall joins Don McKelle
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Carrie - Don McKeller Bob Martin, Lisa Lambert, producer Kevin McCollum and wife Lynette Perry McCollum
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Carrie- Michael Greif and Andy Senor
Carrie - Marin Mazzie and Jason Danieley
Carrie- Charlotte d'Amboise and Terrence Mann
Carrie- Walter Bobbie and Dean Pitchford
Carrie- Celia Keenan-Bolger and Andrew Keenan-Bolger
Carrie - Michael Gore, Clive Davis, Lesley Gore and Lawrence Cohen
Carrie - Richie Jackson and Jordan Roth
Carrie - Jeanna De Waal and Charlotte d'Amboise
Carrie- Marin Mazzie and Bob Greenblatt
Carrie - Neil Meron, Bob Greenblatt and Craig Zadan
Carrie - Blair Goldberg, Jake Boyd, Andy Mientus, Ben Thompson, Jeanna de Waal, Christy Altomare, Derek Klena, Jen Sese, F. Michael Haynie, Elly Noble and Mackenzie Bel
Carrie - Molly Ranson and Carmen Cusack
Carrie - Ben Thompson, Jeanna De Waal, Christy Altomare and Derek Klena
Carrie - Eric Bogosian - Will Cantler - Jan Cantler - Jo Bonney
Carrie - Marin Mazzie and Rocco Landesman and
Carrie - Christy Altomare, Derek Klena and Molly Ranson
Carrie- Wayne Alan Wilcox and Carmen Cusack
Carrie- Jessica Phillips and Marin Mazzie
Carrie - Brian Charles Johnson, Ben Thompson and Kat Kejat
Carrie - Molly Ranson and AnnMarie Milazzo
Carrie - David Zinn, Sven Ortel, Kevin Adams, and Jonathan Deans
Carrie- Celia Keenan-Bolger, Marin Mazzie and Martin Moran
Carrie -  Anne Tolpegin, Jake Boyd and Mackenzie Bell
Carrie- Tobin Ost and Emily Rebholz
Carrie - Stephen Karam and Gideon Glic
Carrie - Nan Knighton and John Breglio
Carrie - Marin Mazzie
Carrie -  Molly Ranson, Stafford Arima, and Marin Mazzie